My own background is a little sketchy though, I was found wandering the streets when I was 4. A police man named Rick Tyler found me and took me in, gave me the name Leah Tyler and kept me as his own until I was 12. He was killed in a shooting and I went into a dark time of depression and withdrawal. I still remember that October when there wasn’t one day that it wasn’t raining and I still remember that day I first found out about my powers. A boy was making fun of me and saying crude things about my Dad. So I struck him with lightning, set him on fire, and drowned him in only a matter of seconds. Everyone thought it was just a strange phenomenon but I knew the truth and so does my therapist. She was the one who introduced me to the four kids.


6. Questions


We were adjusting our clothes and trying to hide any evidence of our embrace. Off in the distance, I heard wolves baying at the moon. A cool breeze rustled to us through the leaves and the long branches reached out to us as if in need of help. The moonlight shined down on us and I looked up towards the star filled sky, for the moonlight source. The moon was close to becoming full. I shuddered. We still had to talk and we only had a couple hours left. I shook my head slowly from side to side. I heard Aaron walk towards me, hesitantly.

“Leah?” He stopped walking, “Are you alright? What’s the matter?” I turned and faced him; his purple eyes were filled with concern.

I sighed and walked towards him. Staring into his eyes, I whispered, “We have to talk.” His eyes widened in shock then became one of intense stature.

He nodded and led me back to the lake. I sat down close to the edge. How am I supposed to start this and we can’t ignore it. If only things weren’t so complicated. He sat down next to me and pulled my hand out from under my knees. I looked up at him; his gaze was focused on the lake. His thin lips were pursed and his eyes were slightly narrowed. I looked away slowly, my hair falling into my face and I lifted my free hand. I summoned all my strength and pulled all five elements into my palm. Water. Earth. Wind. Fire. Spirit. I watched as they slowly circled each other playfully in my palm.

Then it hit me.


“Aaron, this is it,” I showed him the elements in my hand and he just looked at me with a dumfounded expression. “Ok let me explain…The other night when you guys had left…” I explained everything to him about the voice in my head and the hole in my barrier. Remembering those horrible memories brought tears to my eyes; my shoulders shook under Aaron’s arms, which held me closely to his chest. I began to sob and Aaron pulled me into his lap I cried into his shoulder.

“Leah,” Aaron whispered, “Please don’t cry…it’s over now. I won’t let her hurt you. I promise.” He tightened his hold on me.

I shook my head. How could you protect me when I can’t even protect myself? Oh Aaron what are we going to do now. The sun was starting to rise and the stars each took a turn fading out.

“We had better go. The others will probably worry.” I sighed. I hated to admit that I had forgotten all about them.

“Alright.” His voice was strained. I looked up at him. His eyes were tight with worry and his jaw was clenching and unclenching. He looked down at me and smiled. His hair was tousled, so I reached up to comb his long black hair out of his eyes. He caught my hand and held it to his cheek before softly kissing my fingertips.

I stood up. Wiped my cheeks clear of any traces of tears and stretched. I cupped my hands into “binoculars” and looked off into the distance, squinting my eyes. The “house” was about a mile away, I love the outdoors but today I knew that I wanted to take my time. Besides Liliana will know where we are.

I turned around and walked up to Aaron. I smiled broadly and started to walk deep into the forest. After a couple minutes of silence, I decided to play a game.

“What’s your favorite color?” I asked breaking the silence. I glanced at his face and saw that my question brought him up short. He laughed at my random question.

“Ha…Um red and green.” He looked at me again suspecting to be rebutted. I just nodded and continued.

“Where do would you want to live if you had the choice?” I asked again.

“Um…somewhere in Asia.” He shrugged.

It continued like that for a while longer. But I started to get slower and had less questions. He was a lot different than I thought he would be. I thought that he would be dark and scary. But it isn’t like that. He is so funny and sweet.

“Are you scared of anything?” I asked as we neared the house.

“Nothing really,” He quickly said.

“OK but that wasn’t a ‘no’ and everyone is afraid of something.” I started to feel the sense that he didn’t want to talk about it but I still wanted to know.

“Do you think Liliana and Brenda are still up?” He was definitely trying to distract me? What is it that he is trying to hide from me?

“Are you avoiding my question?” I narrowed my eyes in his direction but he never saw them because he was looking in the opposite direction.

“Um no,” I stopped walking causing him to stop and stare at me. A confused and begging expression crossed his face.

“I promise that I will never tell anyone…” I said at last, solemnly.

“I am scared of losing people.” He said at last.

I nodded and thought about it. Nobody, not even the twins knew what happened to their parents. When my therapist told me that I was going to go and live with other teens with “gifts” I had no idea that I would be in this position with a dark and demented guy spilling his heart out to me. Was this how everything that was supposed to happen or was it a mistake. But God doesn’t make mistakes.

Does he?

“Oh well that’s the exact same thing that I’m afraid of. And…” I paused, took a deep breath, then continued, “And…I’m deathly afraid of…of lightning storms and being alone.” I waited for him to say something. I bit my lip and glanced down. I felt his hand squeeze my own in a comforting way. He stepped towards me and I stepped back into a tree. I was still looking down when he put his hand under my chin and slowly tilted it up to look at me.

He stared me in the eye, “I will never leave you alone, nor will I let you be by yourself during a lightning storm.” A strange look crossed is face, “Why would lightning storms scare you when you can control them.”

I blanched and started laughing hysterically, “Because…when I was little I was always alone and the night that my dad found me there was a lightning storm…” I shuddered at the memory of my father.

I glanced at the dark trees of the forest trying to find something else to talk about. I could feel Aaron’s eyes still on my face. I turned my head to look straight into his face and smiled. He doesn’t need to know my pain.

But I already do…

I jumped; it was just like the night the demon slipped into my mind. I stared at him in horror. He smiled at my expression and swept the hair from my cheek; his fingers lingering on my cheek.

I stepped away.

Aaron frowned at me, “What’s wrong?” He took a step forward. His deep purple eyes gleaming, “Did I do something wrong?” I took several steps away from him and looked away from his searching eyes.

“What happened tonight can’t become anything. We can’t do this. We can’t become something. This,” I gestured toward me and him, “won’t work.”

Aaron’s eyes widened in surprise and then he came looming over me. I reeled back into the shadows.

“What. Are. You. Talking. About.” His violet eyes bore into mine teetering on the verge of red.

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