My own background is a little sketchy though, I was found wandering the streets when I was 4. A police man named Rick Tyler found me and took me in, gave me the name Leah Tyler and kept me as his own until I was 12. He was killed in a shooting and I went into a dark time of depression and withdrawal. I still remember that October when there wasn’t one day that it wasn’t raining and I still remember that day I first found out about my powers. A boy was making fun of me and saying crude things about my Dad. So I struck him with lightning, set him on fire, and drowned him in only a matter of seconds. Everyone thought it was just a strange phenomenon but I knew the truth and so does my therapist. She was the one who introduced me to the four kids.


2. Free day

“Matt you aren’t that good looking, that you need to stay in the bathroom all morning. If you don’t get out in five minutes, I’m going to kick your- oh good morning Leah.” Brenda had one hand held up in an attack formation and the other hand on the door knob.

“Morning…isn’t it a little early to be trying to kill Matt, Brenda?” I grimaced at her.

She grinned, “It’s never too early to kill Matt…hey…what’s the matter Leah?” Her grin faded and her face became one of worry.

“Nothing. Nothing. What are you going to do on your “free” day, Brenda?” I asked trying to distract her from my problems.

It worked.

“Going to the mall tomorrow I need new clothes, more shampoo, and we are getting low on food…so I’m going to take Liliana, Aaron and Matt to get groceries. If you want to come you can…” She just stared at me patiently.

“Umm no thanks…you know what I like. I’m good on clothes and I have enough shampoo to last me to next months “free” day.” I smiled faintly.

“OK but then what are you going to do tomorrow?” She asked distractedly while she continued to mutter threats through the door.

“Oh I was going to train my powers and work with my new weapon. The Katana that I found under my stuff in my trunk. My father must have left it in there before he was…um…killed.” I never told anyone in the “gifts” about my father and that night. But I guess she wasn’t paying close enough attention because she only listened up to Katana.

“You got a new weapon! When? What’s a Katana? MATT!!! THAT’S IT!!!” Brenda stood back, her eyes turned black and she ripped Matt through the door.

“AHHHHH!” Matt screamed as he hit the wall behind Brenda, “Dammit…what the hell was that for Binch!!!” He had a towel wrapped around his short blond hair and wasn’t wearing a shirt. Brenda adverted her eyes from his chiseled abs and instead she looked up into his brown eyes and smirked.

“You were taking too damn long in there princess, there are other people that need to use the bathroom you freaking prick.” With that she went into the bathroom and slammed the door. Matt looked at me with a shocked/amused expression. I shook my head and laughed. I had to admit he did deserve it and from his expression he seemed to think so too.

“So Leah, what is a Katana?” He inquired with a crooked smile.

I smiled, “A Katana is a curved sword, they were used mostly in Japan…the…um…samurai used them to defend their lords and if I could get Liliana to purify it I could use it in battle against the demons.”

“First of all where did you get that Katana-thingy, second of all you do know that talking about going to Liliana, whose brother is very inhospitable, is a bad idea and third of all do you even know how to use it?” He took a deep breath before continuing, “Oh and what happened to your Dad?” He was looking at me with a deeply concerned look which was unnatural for him because he couldn’t care less what happened to others. What happened to my Daddy was a difficult question to answer, but he would persist until he got all of his answers. I sighed. Might as well get it over.

“I found my Katana in my trunk a couple days ago underneath all of my clothes. It has my father’s initials on it so I figured he must have put it in there and forgot about it. Aaron is just attached to his sister and if he knew that my Katana was going to be used to kill demons he wouldn’t give it a second thought. Just because he is extremely quiet and keeps to himself doesn’t mean anything.” Matt was looking at me to continue. I sighed again and started again. “My grandma was teaching me since I was six how to use a Katana. She use to think that young women should know how to defend themselves. Grandma told me that she got her first Katana when she was 4 years old.”

“And your Dad-” It was as if fate herself was smiling down at me. At that same moment the door to the bathroom opened revealing a wet haired Brenda. She was frowning down at Matt but smiled a coy smile towards me when she saw how miserable I looked to be standing next to him.

Matt whistled at her boxers and tang top pajamas, “Damn, Binch if you weren’t such a witch, I would take you here and now.” He looked her up and down, stopping here and there. He throws his towel at her, pulling his shirt over his head.

Brenda merely shook her head and snorted, “If you weren’t part of the “gifts” I would kill you here and now.”She stormed off in huff.

“Matt…you really shouldn’t antagonize her like that.” He smiled as we heard Brenda’s door slam shut, “Besides if you like her why don’t you just tell her.” His face darkened and I saw a flash of pain flicker across his face.

“That’s none of your business, Leah…” He started to push me back into the wall. Then he picked me up by my throat with his right hand and his left was wrapped in my long brown hair. He is a foot taller than me but the way he was holding me I was taller than him. When he gets angry his eyes turn blue and right now they were flickering between brown and blue. “Besides I don’t like you very much, you nosy wretch. I think that it’s time for you to-” Matt was cut off by two hands that were tightly around his forearms restraining him. I fell into a crumpled form on the ground taking in huge gulps of air. I saw Aaron throw Matt across the room, yelling at him about something.

“What the hell is wrong with you Aaron!?!?” SMACK, “OWWWWWW!!!!!!” I saw Aaron punch Matt in the face. Blood spurted out of his nose and all over the wood floor.

“Don’t ever touch her, the next time it won’t be just your nose…” he growled.

Then black out.



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