My own background is a little sketchy though, I was found wandering the streets when I was 4. A police man named Rick Tyler found me and took me in, gave me the name Leah Tyler and kept me as his own until I was 12. He was killed in a shooting and I went into a dark time of depression and withdrawal. I still remember that October when there wasn’t one day that it wasn’t raining and I still remember that day I first found out about my powers. A boy was making fun of me and saying crude things about my Dad. So I struck him with lightning, set him on fire, and drowned him in only a matter of seconds. Everyone thought it was just a strange phenomenon but I knew the truth and so does my therapist. She was the one who introduced me to the four kids.


5. A circle

It’s been hours since Liliana left my room and I still haven’t been able to wrap my head around the friendship that sprang up between us.

I never hated you…I never hated you…I never hated you

Those words kept repeating in my head and wouldn’t stop. But what did she mean Aaron and I have a bond unlike any other. Is she talking about the kiss?

I stood up slowly, my legs had fallen asleep and I was giggling like crazy. I made it to the door and using the doorknob as a perch managed to catch my breath. The feeling had come back to my legs and as I walked out of my room I tripped and almost smashed my head into the rail.


Aaron was holding me by the waist and I was looking up into his eyes, through my hair. He was frowning and with an annoyed “feh” he swung me upwards and onto my feet. He let go of my waist so fast that I swayed and crumpled on the ground. His grave expression changed to one of amusement and apology.

“Sorry ‘bout that.” He muttered, extending a long-fingered hand to me. I took it and tried to stand on my own. Aaron grunted and pulled me up.

“Uh…thanks…” I could feel his pulse in his hand and I swore that I could hear my own heartbeat hammering through my chest. He nodded his welcome and slowly let my hand go. “Umm…we need to talk…” I was trying very hard to not look at him but I finally peeked up at him through my eye-lashes.

He nodded, “Come with me.” He turned and walked away with a supernatural speed.

I jogged to keep pace with him. He didn’t pause or stop. We walked right out and into the Night woods and kept walking until we reached Moonlight Lake. He stopped turned and looked straight at me. The light from the moon was shining down through the branches and onto the water. Making the most beautiful shadow and with Aaron standing there with the forest behind him, I couldn’t help but think how magical it was.

The cool night air was making me shiver. That’s  stupid,  I can control fire and warm myself. As soon as I thought that it was as if a fire had sprung up and it engulfed me in warmth. I started to walk to the edge of the water. Hmmm I wonder…

As soon as I had thought it my shoes were off and I was taking a tedious step forward out onto the icy black water. My foot didn’t sink like I thought it would have. I walked right across the lake until I was in the center of it.I laughed openly at my triumph. I didn’t think that it would work. I raised my right hand and slowly acted as if I was dipping my hand into the water. Nothing happened. I heard Aaron chuckle in the shadows. I pouted. I tried it again this time putting more effort into it. I was able to bring a stream of water from the lake and make it form different shapes and patterns.

I smiled and looked toward where I last saw Aaron standing. He was gone. I started to look for him through the trees and shadows. Still nothing. I didn’t want to leave my fun. So I rose up the water underneath my feet and raised myself up a good twenty feet. I started to fell weak so I willed the water to take me to the shore and let me down. I sat down and waited until my strength returned. I heard a rustling in the back of me and I turned in time to see Aaron make his way through the bushes and brambles.

He sat down next to me, handing my shoes to me. I put them on and waited for him to start the unwanted talk. I sighed and pulled my knees to my chest. It had been a while since I last slept. But I couldn’t help it. When I did sleep I had horrible nightmares that haunted me throughout the day. They were always the same. My father would be standing right in front of me and I would start to run towards him. Except that it was never my teenage form it was my six year old self and slowly I would eventually run into my teenage form. But no matter how fast or how long I ran I never got to him in time. Sometimes it would be seconds before I got to him that I would hear the gunshot and see him fall or I would be far away watching him die. I would reach him and see his blood stained tears. Blood would be slowly dripping out of the corner of his mouth.

I would then go to a third person seeing this through someone else’s eyes. I would watch me lose control and my eyes would turn white. Lightning and thunder would sound off and the rain would just pour on and on. Then I would wake up, either in tears or in screams or in horrible shakes. I never told anyone about that dream but now this boy knew and it was my fault.

“Leah? Are you alright?” He must have sensed the change in my mood and decided to confront it. But he must have never had to comfort someone. He started to glance at my face and away unsure of what to do.

“I’m fine, Aaron. I was just thinking about…about my Dad. I’m so sorry that I…that you get…” I put my head on my knees, “I’m sorry.”

“Would you shut up” He said this in an angry and mean way. My head snapped up and I opened my mouth to say something, “No…Stop saying that you’re sorry. It isn’t your fault and if it was I would let you know it. Liliana told me why you did, what you did the night you went into me. I never felt so stupid because I snapped at you for something you had to do.” He stood up and walked towards the water. “The night Matt attacked you, I lost it as well, I couldn’t see how anyone so…pure could deserve that. I didn’t want him to hurt you and I felt the need…no…the impulse to protect you.” He turned and walked back towards me.

“Aaron?” I asked timidly. He crouched in front of me and stared for a moment at my hands, and then he took them in his.

His hands are so warm compared to mine. Why am I getting butterflies in my stomach? Maybe it’s because I like him. I blushed at this realization. It’s just I’ve never been good with talking to guys. But Aaron is different. He isn’t like all those other guys. He’s nice, he can be a pain sometimes but he isn’t a jerk.

“Leah I’ve never felt this way about anybody before. I don’t know how to explain it but when I’m with you everything is alright.” He said this while stroking my hand with his thumb.

Then it hit me.

I pushed Aaron away and stood straight up. I knew exactly why he felt this way. He was staring at me with a shocked expression. Then he read what went across my mind and his look darkened.

“Aaron the only reason you feel that way is because of our spirit bond. You feel a connection to me, something that you can’t explain. And I actually thought that you and I…that we…UGH!” Angry tears filled my eyes and already I could feel myself losing control. Everything was turning white. I closed my eyes so the tears wouldn’t fall. The night air wasn’t cold to my skin, my body was on fire. Everywhere was scorching and a tingling filled me with sickening feeling. The heat was intense but not suffocating me just fueling my angry monster inside of me.

Lightning flashed and thunder roared. The lake that was so calm and clear became a huge storm. The wind picked up and was making the leaves swirl around us in huge spiral. The thunder began to pick up and lightning began to strike. I felt two hands on my shoulder and I heard my name being called out over and over again.

Then a pair of lips came crashing down on mine.

My eyes flashed open and then slowly closed. Aaron’s lips were just as warm as his hands. By this time the tears had fallen, mixing in with our kiss. I reached with my hands and pulled his face harder to mine. Entwining my hands in his hair and he grabbed the small of my back with his left hand while his right held my face securely to his. Our world was on fire and everywhere I touched was Aaron. I began to move forward and he moved backward but he tripped and we fell. Never once losing our hold on each other.

He rolled me over so that I was underneath him and my hands began to explore the contents of his body. I could feel the muscles in his neck flexing and I began to work my way down his sculpted chest. He was still holding my head and began to move his lips down my cheek allowing me time to breathe. Time had no effect on us now and it seemed like we had been always like this. Always in an embrace.

With a groan he brought our faces back together and my world was on fire again. I traced his lips with my tongue and could taste my tears. Aaron had always liked me and it wasn’t just our bond that proved that.

But this was wrong.

It was wrong of me to like him. It was wrong to think of him like that. I cant do this to him. I just can’t.

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