Summer Love

Hannah and her bestfriend Quin are inseperable. Their friendship grows stronger when Amber's birthday presents them with a trip to an island resort for the whole summer. They both find themselves falling in love with two different guys, who are astonishingly famous. Will their love last? Or will it just be Summer Love?

-Amber is the main character in this story


1. Chapter One

Hannah's POV

It was a beautiful day, like in the fairytales. The birds were singing and the sun was shining. I pushed open the airport doors and was comforted by the sight. My bestfriend, Quin, was right behind me. We were more like sisters and spending summer together was... perfect. We were staying at one of the best beach houses in Manafaru, Maldives, a very remote private island resort. There was a tall man waiting for us with our names on a card. He was standing in front of a short white limo. I looked over at Quin and we squeeled and ran over to the man.

"Hannah and Quin?" he asked.

"Yes!" we both replied at the same time.

He smiled and opened the door for us and we all but jumped in the car. He started the car and drove off arriving at our house in about ten minutes. The house was gorgeous. It was very modern and chic I looked to my right to see Quin's mouth a gape; I laughed and she snapped out of her trance and urged me to get out of the car.

"Miss Hannah?" the chauffeur said. I turned around saying yes in response. "My name is Eric. If you need a drive anywhere, my number is on the fridge. Hope to see you soon!" he said enthusiastically.

"Thanks!" I shouted at him as he drove off. I grabbed my suitcases from where I set them down and joined Quin at the door. I pulled out a small silver key and unlocked the door stepping inside. The place was nothing like I've ever seen before. Everything was so fashion chic. There was two bedrooms and a giant livingroom. An eat-in kitchen and a very modern dining room with chairs that looked like they were from the future. Plus each bedroom had it's own bathroom, with a jacuzzi. Quin and I rushed toward the bedrooms and just stared at the doors. They had our names printed on them. We turned to look at eachother and squeeled like two little thirteen year olds and burst through our doors. My room was a black and white theme with a king sized bed and a victorian bed spread. I dropped my three suitcases by the door and walked around. My room was as big as the living room! The wall that was straight back was just a big window with huge curtains pulled back. I stood there awe-struck. There was a desk opposite of the bed that was all black with white handles. There was a door about five feet from the bed and I walked into it. It was a huge bathroom with acorner shower and a jacuzzi opposite of it. There was a good ten feet of sink and a really big tile floor. I walked out of the bathroom and saw a set of french doors I hadn't seen when I walked in. I walked over and opened them up to reveal a gigantic walk in closet with clothes already in it. The best part was is that the clothes were designed to my style and figure. I walked around squeeling at various objects and then walked out. I went into Quin's room which was exactly the same except with a different theme. Her theme was underwater. She looked at me and shreiked jumping up and down and finally jumped on her bed. I went and sat by her.

"This is so amazing!" she said after a few shrieks.

"Come see my room!" I said gidely. She jumped up and followed me to my room and had about the same reaction she did in her room.

"Omigosh omigosh omigosh!" she shouted.

"C'mon we'll unpack later! Let's go to the beach!" I said matching her excitment. She vigurously nodded her head smiling a mile wide and ran back to her room. I closed my door and pressed a button by the window and the curtains closed. It got very dark and I flicked on a light. I unzipped my suitcase and picked out a black bikini and slipped on a loose white cover-up. I walked out of my room to find Quin in a soft blue bikini with her face covered by a black cover-up. I helped her put it on and she thanked me looking a little embarassed that I had to help her. I put on some white wedges and she put on grey flipflops. We walked out and headed down the street. We could see the beach from our house. We reached the waterline and took off our shoes and covers and ran into the warm water. We splashed around and swam for a litlle while and then went back to the beach to tan. I was just drifting off when I felt Quin nudge me saying, "No fucking way..."

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