This is a story about a kid who gets caught in a fire, killing his mom, and seriously damaging his face. He then decides he wants to get revenge on the person that started the fire.


2. Freak

On Saturday morning Michael was in his room.

He heard a voice yell "fire!" He ran downstairs to see a guy running from the house with a lighter in his hand. Michel raced to his mom in the kitchen. The kitchen was on fire. His mom tried to grab the phone but she burnt her hand. The fire spread fast.

"Run Michael!" His mom yelled. Michael reached for the door. It was too late, he passed out.

The next day he woke up in the hospital. The doctor said, "it's miracle your alive."
The nurse came in. "we have bad news. your mother didn't survive the fire" she said.
"What?" Michel said. He started to cry. After he felt a little bit better. the doctor said
"you need to see this" the doctor said he put a small mirror in front of his face he screamed
"I'm a freak" half of his face was burnt and scarred the other half not so much."I want revenge on who ever did this to me" He decided.
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