just believe

"I guess that love and luck is out there you just have to believe" that was he tell and I was falling for a boy that I just met well in person .


2. the winner

the two days has passed and i was listening to the radio to know who wins the contest " and right know we gonna call the lucky winer" i heard the radio guy say then i heard my phone ring it was a strange number but i pick up "hello" i say "hello sweet heart whats your name" some one ask me "isabella why" i say a little curious "well  isabella is my pleasure to tell you that you are the lucky winner to go international with jb " i heard him say i was in shock i didn't say anything " hello are you there " i heard the radio guy say " yes im here "i say really exited "well congratulations and i just need you to stay in the line so we can get you info " he says "ok" that was all i can say .

i stay in the line and give the guy all my info and then hang up the phone i was still in shock i need to tell my sister about it i know she would like the idea of going to the country but she wouldn't like the fact that we have to go and watch jb let see what happens . later on my sister get home from work and i tell her she love it she was more exited than me the only thing she din't like was the jb thing but she was ok with it .

later on the weekend me and my sister we were shopping for the trip to Ireland and England we buy really cute clothes and shoes and accessories.then we go to eat something and then we go home and put all the new stuff in our bags .


time passed 

the week me and my sister have to go to the jb thing came and we were super ready and super exited we were ready to leave. the flight is gonna be a long one so i take my headphone and put it on when i notice my sister was telling me something "are you exited ?" it was a stupid question " yes i am , i'm super exited finally im gonna get out of that life and live a new aventure im pretty sure this going to be a great aventure" i tell her i didn't know why but deep inside i know this aventure was about to change my life .

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