just believe

"I guess that love and luck is out there you just have to believe" that was he tell and I was falling for a boy that I just met well in person .


3. the hotel room

we arrive in Dublin Ireland and it was beautiful  and we get to our hotel it was amazing it was a 5 star hotel and let me tell you something it was extraordinary amazing we check in and some took us to our room and tell us that later today some body is gonna take us to take a tour in the city it was morning so we have plenty of time to rest we din't want to rest we just wanna go and have some fun but we did what they say.


like a 12:00 they take us to get lunch to a really nice place and the guy that was playing being our turist guide tell us that he has a surprise for us "what is it "i ask super curious  "may i go with you guys " i heard some one with a american accent ask i turn around and saw jb behind me "who are you " i heard my sister ask "he's jb the guy we are gonna see to morrow in concert "  i tell her then make the :o face "pardon her she is not a big fan" i tell him " oh dont worry is ok " he says "but sure you can come with us " i tell him obviously he can come he was the reason me and my sister were here .


we go to the most beautiful places near us and i was in love with this country . but what really was shocking was the fact that my sister were super friendly with jb i was in shock when i saw the way she was flirting with him i couldn't believe it and i was felling like the third wheel in this trip .

now that i remember i never tell you guys about my sister well her name is Isabelle (yeah i know almost like me but mine's end with a A) she is 20 and she was almost finish with college and she was more smaller than me and have black hair and more darker skin than me she has the model body i always envy that from her but i love her with all my heart.


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