just believe

"I guess that love and luck is out there you just have to believe" that was he tell and I was falling for a boy that I just met well in person .


4. nigth

Isabelle pov

 i din't like this boy jb i think thats how my sister call him but when i start to tal to him that change he was sweet ,nice but most of all he was really funny and i love that in a guy "so how old are you " i ask him i din't kno much about him "im 18 what about you " he ask with a smile on he's face "im 20 " i tell him " really wow you dont look that old you look like 18" he tell me wit another smile on he's face "well than you ,and i know i get that a lot " i tell him but this time with a smile on he face we talk a lot and i was really liking this kid.


then i feel my phone vibrate in my back pocket it was a text from bella that say's

bella: what the hell just happend i thought you din't like this kid ? i answer back and tell her 

belle : i know but he is really nice when you get to know him 

bella : well i dont want to interrupt you but is getting really late and the kid has a concert tomorrow can we please go back

when i get that test it was when i realized that she was super behind us i think she feel's like the third wheel and i fell really bad so i tell justin that it was better to go back that it was really late and he need to rest and like that we were on our way back to the hotel but this was a really night .

issabella   pov

we arrive at the hotel i was super tired all i want was to go to sleep and get a really hot shower . i took my shower and go stray to be i fall asleep really fast the other day i wake up by my sister screaming at my face because we need to get ready for the concert i get up really mad i hate when people wake me up i love my sleep but anyways i stand up and get ready i take a shower and put on some skinny jeans with a blue hoodie and a black converse and some cute bracelets my sister was wearing the same thing just that she has a purple hoodie .

we were finish getting ready and we were on our way to the loby when i see some boys they look familiar but before i could recognize them they get into they car . i saw the same guy that pick us up at the airport and i knew he was the one that is gonna drive us to the concert the ride was a little long but when we get there i saw a lots of girls out side when we get out of the limo some guys take us to our seat we din't have to the line he took us to the vip area it was a good place to watch the show it has table and it feels like a private area and it has another table with five chair  i was wondering who gonna sit there then something come to my mind five chairs vip area a jb concert could it be the 1d guys my heart start to race really fast but then i put those thoughts away and i realize that some girls were looking at us like 'how did they get those seats ' i just laugh .

the concert didn't start at the time that it was suppose to start i was getting impatient when i saw people sitting in the table in front/next or table and when i saw who they were i was in a shock i couldn't believe it , it was 1d i was next to them but i was acting like if i din't care i really love them but i would never fangirl to any celebrity they were normal just like us. the y took they seat when i heard some one asking me 


" do you know why the concert hasn't started"




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