I Wish

This story is about young Michaela moves to London to start off her new life. She moves into a flat. Michaela soon finds out her neighbors are...well..you'll see!


2. The Neigbors

As I started to unpack and I heard knocking at my door. I skipped over to it and opened it to find 3 guys at my door "Hello!" I said. "Hey my name is Niall." Niall had blond hair and the most beautiful of eyes. I didn't know if they were blue or green but they were beautiful! He also had a cute Irish accent. "Hi Niall. I am Michaela" "Nice to meet you Michaela. We are some of your neighbors. This is Zayn," He pointed to a cute guy with black hair and brown eyes. I waved "And this is Louis." He had brown hair and he was funny. "Howdy Dowdy Miss Michaela!" I giggled as Louis said that. "Nice to meet you all! I moved here from New York. I have to unpack and meet my friend for lunch. Nice to meet you all but if you don't mind I have to get unpacked and ready. Have good evening!" They said goodbye and left. I continued unpacking until I heard my stomach growl. I called my new friend, Perrie. I met her at the airport a few days ago. We started talking and we just got on right along! I called her and she picked up. "Hey Michaela! Ready for lunch" she sounded so perky. "Yea I am ready meet me at Perchwood Flats. I'll be outside." I said smiling. "Kk I'll be there in a few!" I hung up and went to my bathroom and put on some make-up and quickly hurried up outside.

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