I Wish

This story is about young Michaela moves to London to start off her new life. She moves into a flat. Michaela soon finds out her neighbors are...well..you'll see!


5. Ready To Go

The time came were I had to get ready. I showerd then dressed in a cute black dress with a pearl necklace and pearl earings. My shoes matched. Black heels with some gems on the straps. My hair had a cute Snooki Poof comming along when I heard a knock on my door. "Who is it?" I yelled. "Harry" "C'mon in!" I heard footsteps lead to the bathroom I was in. His mouth dropped "Hey...Wow" I shyly smile. "You want some of this?" I pose "Well to bad." We share a laugh. We left and when we did there were girls EVERYWERE outside the flats! Harry wrapped his arm around mine and when I saw the fans I stopped. "We are going a diffferent way don't worry." He whispered to me. When the fans saw us walking towards them they were excited but when we turned they tried opening the doors but they were locked.

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