I Wish

This story is about young Michaela moves to London to start off her new life. She moves into a flat. Michaela soon finds out her neighbors are...well..you'll see!


1. New Life

Michaela's POV

     I woke up in my hotel and pack up my bags, then  quickly checked out. To my new flat! I took a cab there. When I went into my flat I was shocked. I thought it was smaller then it was. "Holy Shit! It's HUGE!" "Thanks! I've been working on it" I hear a voice behind me and scream. "Sorry,love. I didn't mean to scare you" I turn around and see a boy with brown hair and glowing green eyes. "Oh um hi and it's fine" I smile "I'm Michaela" "Hello Michaela I'm Harry. I am on the penthouse." He said with a smile on his face. "Are you?" "Yes I am Harry Styles from One Direction." He said giggling. "Oh ok then. Well hello!" I giggle. "Well...Welcome!" Harry said gazing into my eyes. "Hahaha Thanks! I better get settled in bye" I say closing the door.

AUTHOR'S NOTE** I hope yo enjoyed my first chapter! I love you guys!

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