I Wish

This story is about young Michaela moves to London to start off her new life. She moves into a flat. Michaela soon finds out her neighbors are...well..you'll see!


3. Lunch

I am standing outside the flats and I see Perrie in a purple convertable pull up and wave her hands to get my attention. "Hey! Michaela C'mon" She laughed. "I'm coming!!" I smiled. I got into the car and we drove away. "Were should we go?" I asked. "I don't know...How about Nandos" she said. "What's Nandos?" "Its's like um...food." We laughed.

             At Nandos we grabbed a table and started talking. Perrie and I had our picture taken but I don't really know why. She kept ignoring it until a little girl around 8 years old asked her for an autograph. Perrie gladly signed a piece of paper for the little girl. The time came were we had to go. Perrie drove me home and I hugged her goodbye. 

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