One day Lily was bored so she decided to go to the mall. when she was at the mall five cute boys in a famous boy band named One Direction kidnapped her. what will happen? will Lily fall in love with one of them even though they kiddnaped her? read more to find out.


1. At the mall

Hi im Lily, i live in London alone because my mom died two years ago and since she died my dad would abuse me so i decided to move to London. I am a big fan of a cute and famous boy band named One Direction especially Harry. Lilys P.O.V ' Beep beep beep beep' "ugh stupid alarm" i went into the bathroom and took a quick hot shower. (14 minutes later). i put on a towel around me and went into my room. i picked out black skinny jeans, my blue One Direction shirt, a necklace that has a picture of Harry Styles on it and that says i love harry styles, and my black converses to wear. since i had nothing to do today i decided to go to the mall. (20 minutes later) i finally got to the mall and started to walk in. when i got in the mall i was about to go to Forever 21 but then five cute boys came up behind me and draged me out of the mall and into a van. 

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