If There's a Will, There's a Way.

This is my entry for the 1SHOT41D contes! Hope you like it!!!!


1. It's Worth It

Being with him all that time, had left me oblivious to knowing life without him. We were together for the first few months of our relationship, and the two of us were so incredibly in love, that we never saw the abrupt end that was inevitable. We were are forced apart, hopelessly far apart.. We're new to being apart for very long, and its horrible, but survivable. I can bear the suffering, only because it's worth it. February comes quicker than I expected and I could tell that this was going to be a gloomy month for me. He left during the end of January and I only ever see him on Skype at about midnight. It was torture to see him and not be able to touch him.


"Hello love, how was your day?" his low raspy voice spoke into the computer as he smiled at me from the other side.
"Long, and tiring. I miss you so much, it's unbearable." I breath out with a sigh.
"I'm so sorry love, I know it's hard, and it's only going to get harder, but like I've said, there's always a storm before a rainbow" he smiles, making me laugh.
"Oh Harry, I know but its impossible" I whisper, flopping backwards onto my bed and throwing a pillow over my face, to shield my eyes from his perfect face as he flicks his hair. "stop you're killing me!" I shout making him laugh harder. I throw the pillow at the computer's camera as I feel tears brimming my eyes, threatening to flood my cheeks. "Do you know what's coming up?" I ask sitting back up and looking at him on the screen with a pout
"Yes" he sighs knowing what's on my mind. The computer glitches a bit as a saddening expression falls onto his face, with furrowed eyebrows and a straight mouth.
"What are we going to do?" I question fixing my long brown hair that looked disheveled after being harassed by pillows.
"Well..." he paused wondering what to say next. "I'm not sure." He sighs closing his eyes and bringing his hand up to squeeze the bone at the top of his nose right between his eyes as if it helped release the stress. "We'll figure something out." he sighs looking back up at the screen where my face was shown and dropping his hand.

I wake up to the sound of my phone ringing, and I fumble around in my sheets trying to escape their tight grip that is a result from a long night of tossing and turning.
"Hello?" I groggily say into the phone.
"HI! GUESS WHAT TODAY IS!" a way-to-cheery voice shouts into the phone.
"I don't know, Thursday I think." I sigh
"Yup, Thursday the 14th!" she paused waiting for me to respond. "VALENTINES DAAAAAY!" she screamed into the phone, making me have to pull it away from me ear it was so loud.
"Oh great." I grumble, flopping back down onto my bed, relaxing into the comfortable fabric, wanting to just go back to sleep, for say.. forever.
"You don't sound too excited"
"Yeah, I realized." I snap back, then realize that that was a little too harsh. "It's just that, I really wanted to be with Harry, but he's so busy that it's... practically impossible." I choke out, feeling the tight ball form in my throat.
"Awwwwhhhh baby cakes, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean too... oh man, I'm sorry" she stutters feeling terrible.
"No, no, Lex it's fine, really! You didn't know, it's alright!" I attempt a laugh trying to make her feel better.
"If you need to talk, I'm here for you, okay, don't hesitate to call me!" she sighs and I can tell that she still feels really bad.
"Alright, thanks!" I smile, knowing that at least someone is there for me. We hang up and I sleep for another two hours, then decided that I should probably get up. I stumble down the stairs and into our newly refurbished kitchen that smells strongly of paint. I open the shiny new fridge to find it still empty, so I settle with milk-less cereal. I was just bringing my spoon to my mouth, when I notice a yellow sticky note on the marble counter top, I reach for it and see that it has my name on it. "Liz, the two of us are going out for a mother-daughter dinner for Valentines day, we're going to Bruno's, so dress fancy. Be there or be square! Love, Mom." she writes and I can't help laughing at her attempt to get closer to me after 18 years. She prefers my brother and its blatantly obvious, which led to reckless teenage years, getting into a lot of trouble, and doing a lot of things I regret, but then I met him, and everything changed. I remember that day like it was yesterday, it sounds a bit cliche, but I think that was the best day of my life.  It was my best friends birthday party,  she invited a bunch of people. One of her friends knew him, and brought him.I was sitting on the couch alone with my drink, just listening to the music, when a tall, thin boy walks over and sits next to me.
"Hello love, the names Louis!" he smiles wide, sticking out his hand for me to shake.
"Hi, I'm Liz" I smile back grabbing his hand and shaking it.
"Well now that we are acquainted, I would like you to know that I was sent as a messenger, and it was my mission to report to you, that my friend thinks you are quite lovely, and would love to meet you, but you see, he's a bit shy, so my challenge was to help him out" he says motioning toward the corner of the room. I scan the crowd, then spot a figure completely hidden in the shadows, but I can tell his eyes are fixed on us. The sight of him is a bit intimidating, but I had nothing to loose, so I finished my drink in one gulp, handed the empty cup to Louis, and without taking my eyes off the boy, I start to walk over to that corner. When I'm halfway to him, glance behind me to see Louis smiling, clearly proud of his work, he motions for me to continue. I turn back to him and keep going in the mysterious boys direction who was watching me quietly from the shadows.(Where they got the lyrics for C’mon C’mon when it says “The one that I came with,She had to go, But you look amazing, Standing alone, I've been watching you all night, There's somethin' in your eyes, Saying, ‘C'mon, c'mon, And dance with me, baby.’) I start to get more frightened with each step I take, and when I get about a meter away from him, he steps out from the shadows.  My eyes start at his old fashioned shoes, trail up his long legs that wear the skinny jeans well, to a plan dark green t-shirt exposing toned muscles underneath and on the arms that trailed down from his strong shoulders that were dotted with tattoos, he has a couple silver necklaces on, with perfect dark brown ringlets adorning his face, which is astonishing.
"I'm sorry about my friend, what did he say to you?" this deep British accent asks and I almost have a heart attack. I stutter for a second out of astonishment at this boy and the voice, and trip over my own feet, I fly into this boy who catches my small frame effortlessly and places me back onto my feet.
"Oh my God, I'm so sorry!" I sigh, clearly making a horrible first impression.
"Oh no, I like a grand entrance!" he laughs with a perfectly deep hoarse voice, and a British accent on top to make it absolutely amazing . His hands are still holding onto my upper arms, when I look up from my shoes I see that his height towers over me and then our eyes lock. His bright green eyes peered into mine with curiosity as he large hands let go of me and I stepped back, I was about to say something, but I brought my hand up and played with my bottom lip to stop myself from saying something stupid. He smirks at me then sticks out his hand.
"Harry Styles"
"Nice to meet you, I'm Liz" I smile reaching out to shake his hand, but he takes it and brings it up to him and leans down to kiss the top of my hand, which takes me by surprise. I giggle and cover my mouth with my other hand as his soft lips plant a long gentle kiss on my hand. He doesn't let go when he straightens back up, we just stand there smiling at each other hand in hand for a little while. He steps close to me and continues to walk passed, and when he doesn't let go of my hand, I instinctively follow, not even having to tell my legs what to do, they just follow. He takes me to the edge of the dance floor. He’s still holding my hand, his hand just engulfing mine, but my fingers fit perfectly between his. He sighs, looking down into my eyes again "C’mon, and dance with me" he says pulling me out onto the floor, sounding more like he’s telling me to dance with him, rather than asking if I want to. (The music is so loud, I wanna be yours now, So c'mon, c'mon, And dance with me, baby.The one that I came with, Didn't know how to move. The way that you let your hair down, I can tell that you do.)

With a loud ringing I'm snapped out of my flashback and grab my phone again, I look to see that it's Lilly this time, and I decide to not even pick up. I realize that I was crying, so I wipe my soaked and red face on my t-shirt and look at the clock to see 1:30 so I go get in that shower.I pull on my new, little black dress that is short sleeved and backless, grab my bright blue heels, matching earrings, and matching little sparkly bow to pull my side bangs back to the side of my head. I throw on some mascara and lip stick, and I’m ready.I look at the clock to see 5:30, I check myself in the mirror next to the coat hanger, grab my coat and my keys, and head out the door. I pull into parking lot and look for my mother’s car, but it’s nowhere to be found, so she must not be here yet. I walk in, and I am told to sit at a specific table, I’m a little confused because we can usually sit wherever we want, but I follow anyway. The waitress takes me to a quiet little table in the back where the light is dim. Theres a sweet little candle on the table with a single red rose in a thin silver vase. I take my seat, and check my phone for any texts or missed calls, but there are none. I wait for about 15 minutes then pull out my phone again. I get lost in tumblr, when theres a tap on my shoulder. I look down and expect to see a pair of heels, but instead I see a pair of old fashioned mens shoes. My heart stops. I shoot up straight out of my chair. I get a glimpse of his gorgeous green eyes for a millisecond, then I’m in his arms. Crying. Crying for pure happiness.
“Hello Love” his familiar voice whispers into my ear, and I can’t even respond I am so overwhelmed. We just stand there for a good 10 minutes. I can hear people whispering about us, but I don’t care I want this moment to last forever. We finally sit down at the cute little table and I am so glad that I decided to wear waterproof mascara tonight.
“How, why, when, where, what....” I stutter looking deep into his eyes. He smiles at me, then begins to tell me the whole situation.
“Well, to start off with how, I called your mum and we set this up and she wrote the little note for me, why, because it's Valentine’s day, and I couldn’t bare to see you like that the other night, when, I had two days free so I flew down here this morning, where, I stayed at a hotel in town, what, well, I told you pretty much everything!” he laughed and I just melted inside. He reached over and grabbed my hand that rested on the napkin on the table and intertwined his fingers with mine. We just smiled at each other until the waitress came and asked us for our orders. All the way into the night, we didn’t even eat, we just sat and talked, and reminisced. It was absolutely perfect, nothing could have been better.

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