I'm Yours

Nat thought the only person she would ever need was her sister, Nia, and vice versa. How would that opinion change when they meet Niall and Harry? (The boys are not famous)


5. You Can Dance?

Nia P.O.V

I walk towards the Arts Wing of the school, the place where I was already positive that I'd be spending most if not all of my free time. Even though Angie hadn't shown us all of the classrooms it wasn't hard to find the dance rooms; only then did I have to look at my schedule for the classroom number. Where is room 1124? Honestly this wing is huge! I think. Finally I find my class. Upon entering I see a number of girls spread around the room along with some guys. In on of the corners I spot a few girls that were I my other classes whom I already classified as the "Stuck Up Group" or at least part of it. After years of dealing with those types of girls I have become a bit of an expert at classifying them at first sight. Ignoring them I sit on one of the bars that are on the two opposite walls of the room and drop my bag by my feet. I think about how the day has gone so far. I've been able to tell who I'd be able to talk to just by the looks I got from walking into the two classes that I've already had. There were a few from English that I talked to before Liam got there, and Angelina was really nice I'm pretty sure that we could be really good friends. And there was the guys too. They were funny and really cute, I'd be lying to myself if I didn't admit that. I wonder if I'll have any classes with Niall and Harry.

Harry P.O.V

I walk around with the boys for a little while before we decided to go to class. It seems like we've been testing the limits of being late today. When the five of us part ways I head back towards the Arts Wing for my dance class. I walk through the nearly empty halls looking at all the artwork on the walls. I find my class and enter. When I open the door about 15 pairs of eyes turn to look at me. What the hell? Why am I being stared at? I wonder. One of the girls at the far end of the room gets up and starts to walk towards me. "Harry," I hear a soft voice come from behind me.

The girl stops her advance towards me and I turn around. I see Nia sitting by herself on the wooden bar attached to the wall. "Hey," I say walking over to her.

"You're in this class? Why didn't you just walk with me from lunch?" she asks.

"I didn't even know you were in my class," I said.

"I said it when I was talking to me sister. Before you guys stared laughing at us."

"I wasn't paying that much attention. I have the attention span of a 3-year old."

"That would explain why the first thing you said to us when lunch started was that you were bored. So--" she looked behind me and stopped her sentence. Her facial expression changing. "What?"

I look at her and see her eyes fixed on something towards the back of the room. I turn around and see one of the girls in the corner glaring daggers at Nia. I recognized her, it was Savannah from my Science class. "Seriously what do you want? If you want to say something then say it. If not take a picture it will last longer," Nia says.

Wow Nia gets to the point. She's not the quiet girl you'd think that she is. Savannah turns around and goes back to talking to her friends. "Sorry about that. I hate when people do that. Honestly if you're going to glare like that then at least have the decency to say something as to why. If not then just don't look at me. It's a simple concept that no one seems to understand," she says. "Anyway like I was saying, you can dance?"

"Yeah I'm pretty good if I may say so myself," I answer.

"OK I'm taking your word for it, don't disappoint me," she jokes.

Our teacher, Miss Tavish, walks in a while later and takes attendance. When she says Savannah's name Nia's head snapped up. "Did she just say Savannah Becker?" she asks.

"Yeah why?"

"Oh this is going to be fun."

What am I missing? I decide not to ask. When Miss T is done attendance, she hands out papers and we prepare ourselves for yet another lecture. A glance over at Nia and I can tell that she's really mad, her jaw is set and she is glaring at our teacher as if she was trying to strike her down with lightning.. Class ends and Nia gathers her stuff and gets up off of the floor where she sat beside me. "Bye Harry," she says and disappears before I can even utter a word.

Nia P.O.V

I look down at my schedule and find out the class number as I head upstairs to French. I felt kind of bad for just leaving Harry, normally I would wait but I wanted to get out of that room as fast as I could. I walk into the room, go over to the desk beside my sister drop my bag on the ground and sit in the chair with a huff and cross my arms. Nat watches me questioningly but doesn't ask me anything. I take a breath and turn to her. "Guess who's in my dance class," I say.

"What did Harry do to get you so mad?" she asks.

"You knew he was in my class? How?" I ask.

"I didn't, i only knew he had dance because I asked when you were with Angie at lunch," she says.

"It wasn't Harry that got me mad."

"Then what?"


"Becker?" I nod. "What is--"

I nudge Nat in the ribs when I realize that Mme. Larona is staring at us. "Talk in the car."

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