I'm Yours

Nat thought the only person she would ever need was her sister, Nia, and vice versa. How would that opinion change when they meet Niall and Harry? (The boys are not famous)


1. First Day (Girls)

Natasha's P.O.V

"Nish let's go!" I shout from the hallway.

"I'm coming!" My sister shouted back from behind the closed bathroom door.

"We are going to be late hurry up," I say.

The door opens and my sister steps out of the bathroom. "Patience is a virtue little sister," she says.

"Yes because the two minutes separating our age makes you significantly older." I say sarcastically as I stick my tongue out at her.

She rolls her eyes at me and walks downstairs and I follow behind her. Today is our first day at Westville High, granted we just moved here over the summer the both of us are a bit nervous. The nerves don't really matter so much though because we have each other. That has always been enough for me and Nia. "Are we going to leave or are you going to continue with your inner monologue," Nia says holding her car keys. "Let's go," I say walking out of the house.

Nia's P.O.V

The drive to school is too silent for my liking so I decide to say something. "I wonder what Westville is like. How many cute guys are there?"

Nat laughs at my statement. "New city. New house. New school. But yet same old Nia," she laughs.

I laugh with her. "Oh don't pretend you weren't thinking the same thing," I say.

Before she could respond I turn into the school parking lot. I find a spot and park. I quickly touch up my lip gloss and turn to find Nat doing the same. "First impressions are everything," we say at the same time.

I take the keys out of the ignition and we get out. I straighten my skirt and fix my headband as we walk into the school office. The secretary looked up at us. "Can I help you?" She asks.

"Hi. We are Nat and Nia Hamilton," I say.

"Oh the new girls. I have your timetables here," she says handing us the sheets of paper. "Usually we would show all of the new students around together but given that the others haven't yet arrived and the fact that the bell will ring soon I guess that will have to wait. Here are maps to help you get to your classes. Have a good day girls."

"Thank you. You too," Nat says.

After exiting the office we compare schedules. Drama, Chemistry, French and Business together. "4 out of 8. Not too bad," Nat says.

"Can't separate the twins. You and me forever, Rose," I say calling her by her middle name.

In turn she calls my by the short form of mine, "You and me forever Nish."

The bell rang. "I should get to English class," I say. "See you later."

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