I'm Yours

Nat thought the only person she would ever need was her sister, Nia, and vice versa. How would that opinion change when they meet Niall and Harry? (The boys are not famous)


3. Everyone Meets/School Tour

Nat P.O.V

Liam is so nice. Leave it to my sister to find these people. The three of us are just here not even paying that much attention to our teacher or to the computers in front of us. We are just talking. We ended up talking about the fact that all of us were late (well almost late in me and Nia's case) for similar reasons. Someone was in the bathroom too long obsessing over how they look. "Yeah I probably shouldn't have bought you that makeup kit for your birthday," I say.

I roll my eyes. There was a knock at the door. Mr. Weibeth went to answer it. "Sorry to disrupt your class, sir. I was sent to tell Liam, Nia and Nat that they are to meet the others in front of the cafeteria at the end of this period before they go to lunch, for their tour of the school," says the student at the door.

"Niall is not going to be happy to be missing lunch," Liam says.

Niall's P.O.V

Finally second period is over. Ok, art wasn't that bad but I'm just glad it's lunch. I head down to the cafeteria hoping to find the boys. I didn't really have to search when I spotted Liam standing in front of the doors talking to two girls. "Hey Liam," I say walking over to him. He looks up at me.

"Hey," he says.

"I see you've made friends pretty fast," I say.

He rolls his eyes. "Yeah. This is Nat and Nia. Girls this is Niall Horan."

"Why are you standing out here? Are you waiting for the guys?" I ask.

"Not really. We are supposed to meet here so we can get a tour of the school," Nia says.

"So I'm missing lunch?"

"I'm pretty sure that it won't take the whole lunch," Nat says.

"Vas happenin' guys?"

I don't need to turn around to know who that is. "Hey Zayn," Nia says.

"What am I invisible?" Louis asks.

"I don't know. Are you?" Liam responds.

 "Where's Harry?" Zayn asks.

"Turn around," Harry says from behind us.

Nia P.O.V

I look pass Niall and see the final member of the group walking towards us. "Does anyone find today completely boring?" He asks.

"It's the first day back. I think that's the point," Louis says.

"That's true," I say.

Harry looks over at me and Nat, probably only now realizing that we were there. He smiles. "Who are these two pretty girls?" He asks.

"This is Nia and her twin sister Nat. You two meet Harry Styles," Liam says.

"It's nice to meet you," Harry says.

"Likewise, Harry," I reply.

"You must be the new students," we hear someone say.

I turn my head and see a tall girl practically skipping down the hall towards us, a woman walking behind her. "Hello, I'm Mrs. Everlet, the principal," the woman says. "This girl here is Angelina."

"Yeah but you can call me Angie," Angelina says. "So are you guys ready for your tour of Westville?"

We nod and follow her and Principal Everlet. "Normally we give the school tour before the first bell. But since some of you were later and others were very close to being late, it didn't exactly work out that way," Mrs. Everlet stated.

Angelina rolls her eyes at the principal's statement and says, "We'll start from the top and work our way down." We head up to the third floor. "At Westville the classes aren't just in random rooms. All classes of the same subject are in one hallway. This is the Science wing. And over around that corner is the Math wing. In each hallway there is a department workroom. That's usually where the teachers will be found on their break, if of course they aren't in their classroom. This room here is the Science workroom and at the very end of the next all is the Math one." We walk down the stairs. "The whole second floor is dedicated to Modern Languages. This hallway in front of us is the English hall. The hall to the right is the French hall. The east hall is Italian and Spanish and the South hall is the Chinese and Ukrainian languages. Those classes are less popular which is why we are able to fit more of them in the one hallway."

"The first floor is my favourite. The east end is for the geographic, historic and political based classes." She points out as we walk pass the classes. The south end is where the business and tech classes are. The west end is the Media wing. And finally the north side of the school. The Arts Wing. Everything from visual art to drama, dance, vocal and instruments is all in this space here."

Principal Everlet tries to fight back a smile at Angie's speech. "Angelina is one of the school's biggest Arts Fanatic. She is basically majoring in the Arts," Mrs. Everlet says.

"And judging by the way Nia's eyes are slowly taking in everything and she looks like she's in heaven I think its pretty safe to say she'll be joining me as the biggest Arts Fanatics at Westville High," Angie says.

To be honest I was only half listening to her. I was too into the sight before me. "I love this school already," I say.

Angie laughs. "I told you so," she says. "Anyway that ends the tour of the school. Let's get back to the caf so you guys can eat."

"Ok well I'll leave you guys to that. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask Angie or myself," Mrs. Everlet says.

"Of course Principal Everlet," Nat says.

The 8 of us walk back in the direction of the cafeteria. "Wait until you see the theatre," Angelina says to me.

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