I'm Yours

Nat thought the only person she would ever need was her sister, Nia, and vice versa. How would that opinion change when they meet Niall and Harry? (The boys are not famous)


6. An Introduction To Bitchy Becker

Nat P.O.V (starts from when Nia gets to French)

"Later Angie," I say.

I walked out of my Literature classroom and walk up to french. I have to tell Nish about the cute guys in that class. I smile as the thought crossed my mind Now I sound like my sister. I find my class easily for the first time that day remembering what Angie had said about the subject similar levels of the school. The only reason that I didn't get lost after lunch is because Ang had walked with me from lunch. I get to French class before my sister so I get a spot in the middle of the class knowing my sister's tendency to get easily distracted and the fact that she's unofficially half blind. As I take out my binder from my bag Nia walks into class. Well actually she stormed in, she was mad. She drops into her chair and crosses her arms. I watch her and wait until  she's good and ready to speak because I know that she might actually slap me if I ask her anything when she's in this state. After a few minutes she takes a deep breath and turns to me. "Guess who's in my dance class," she says through clenched teeth.

That confused me a bit. The only person that could possibly be in her dance class that she knows is harry. But how could he get her so mad? "What did Harry do to get you so mad?" I ask confused.

She looks at me in wonder. "You knew he was in my class? How?" She asks.

"I didn't, I only knew that he had dance because I asked when you were with Angie at lunch," I answer.

"It wasn't Harry that got me mad."

"Then what?"


I falter for a second. She can't be talking about that Savannah. "Becker?" She nods. "What is--"

Nia elbows me hard and motions with her eyes to our teacher who O hadn't realized was looking at us. "Talk in the car," Nia says.

Great, now I have to wait to voice my opinions, and I don't do well with that. Class goes on and Nia becomes less agree. Finally the bell rings ending the school day. We walk to the car and put our bags in the back and we see the guys walking to the car beside ours. "Nia, you disappeared quite fast after class," Harry says.

"Yeah, I'm sorry about that Harry, I'm not normally in such a rush," she says. She glances back pass the guys and her jaw instantly tenses again. Before I can look in the direction that she's glaring she says, "But we've got to go."

"Oh...okay," I say a little taken back by her response. "Well I guess we'll see you guys tomorrow."

That's about all I can say before my sister basically pulls me into the car. "Okay, what the bloody hell was that?" I ask not caring if she does slap me in the face.

"Becker," she says, reminding me of our earlier topic.

"Right so why the hell is Bitchy Becker here?" I ask.

"God knows. Of all schools...forget that out of all the places in England, no the U.K  our parents move us to the town where Savannah Becker resides!" Nia says

Maybe I should elaborate. We've known Savannah since we were three and contrary to what you may think we always hated her. She has always been a pain in the arse , which only intensified as she got older. Then in the seventh grade  is when things went even more downhill than they already were. She went away to cheer-leading camp and came back "Queen Bitch". Everything for her became about making our lives miserable. She used to tease me continuously and Nia would always stick up for me. Then she started her attacks on my sister through dance. That sparked a rivalry between the two of them. Savannah joined all of Nia's dance classes and tried to show her up. It might not seem like such a big deal but it was to my sister. Nia is a big dancer; Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop, any style of dancing (besides folk dancing) my sister does it, and she's the best not to seem biased or anything but it's the truth.  Dancing is a part of her, it's her everything - equal to singing and acting - and to have Savannah come along and make a mockery of that nearly destroyed Nia. She retaliated by working harder to improve. And all Savannah did was purposely mess her up. She caused my sister to lose a guaranteed spot for a dance program in the Arts high school we wanted to attend. Nia has never forgiven her for that and hated her even more. Nia kept dancing, working harder and harder to stay at the top. Finally at the end of the 8th grade Becker moved giving us the chance to start high school without her, and Nia had her sight set on getting a university dance scholarship. That only intensified when our mother told us we would be attending Westville, because Nia had heard of the support they had for the Arts. But now Nia is back to dealing with Becker, but I have a feeling Savannah is going to get a horrible surprise.

"So care to explain what exactly happened in Dance class today?" I ask her.

"What is there to explain? You know I don't do well with people glaring at me for no reason. All I did was say hi to Harry when he walked in the classroom," she says.

"Maybe she recognized you," I suggest.

"Oh please," she scoffs. "Her head is way to far up her ass for her to realize that it was me. Plus if she knew, you know she would've said something to me. After all shutting up was never her specialty."

I started laughing as we pulled into our driveway. Yep Savannah Becker won't know what hit her this year


I know that chapter was probably crappy and short . Sorry if it was, i'll try to do better for the next chapter. Comment, like anything.

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