Nothing more then friends

Genisis and harry are only supposed to be friends nothing more but will feelings start to change?


3. You have to go

CRAP i said. Harry looked confused. i told him that im not supposed to have a boy in my room ! "So what does it madder were just friends and we known each other for 7 years." Harry said. Your still a boy now go through the window. I quickly open the window and harry jumps out i told him to txt me when he gets home. Write after he jumped out my mom came in. "Hey mom how was dinner?" It was great ....oh yea i came to say good night love you." "Good night mom love you to."she walked out of the room and i sighed. i quickly closed my window because it was getting cold. When i finished i layed on my bed and started to watch the telly. I started to get a little worried because Harry still hasn't text ed me. I fell asleep wondering why harry hasn't texted  me. I woke up at 8 a.m and looked at my phone yet still no reply. that's weird i texted harry and said "hey are you ok." After i sent that text i fell asleep.Harry's p.o.v   I was at Genesis house playing black ops. When her mom got home. Genesis made me jump out the window. I was walking to my house when i saw someone. I ignored him and kept walking  i was about one foot away from him when two more guys walked next to him. I started to run but the guy quickly shouted "GET HIM." i wasrunning as fast as i could but then i got tackled. they  all started kicking me in my stomach and one of them even punched my face. they dragged me to an ally and took my phone,my wallet , and my gold watch. After they took my items i think it was the crew leader punched me and i blanked out.

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