Nothing more then friends

Genisis and harry are only supposed to be friends nothing more but will feelings start to change?


11. you are beautiful

    Niall's p.o.v

  When Nayeli reached for my hand her Bracelets slipped reveling a big scar on her risk.I gasped loud and  gabbed her risk pulling her closer to me." What the hell is this Nayeli?!?!" "I..umm.. my cat did this."  Nayeli silently said. "Nayeli stop liying to me i know you don't have a cat." i said with a loud tone not trying to be too loud."Niall can we please talk about this later?" "No now" I said while putting the money on the table and grabbing Nayeli. The car ride was silent. When we got to Nayeli's house she slowly walked to the door. "Explain!" "Niall i'm sorry its just that Britni  always hurts me." Nayeli said. "Are there more?" i said "yes" she said showing me her upper arm. When i saw  burst into tears "i need time to think."i said then stormed out the door.


    Nayeli's p.o.v

     how could he get mad at me. its my body.he isn't my dad.............ts been 3 days since i spoken to Niall. it hurts inside but i cant show it. today in class i would sence him looking at me. but i just brushed it off when class finished he bolted up and ran off. Rude i said as i slowly started to walk home. it took about 40 minutes to get home. I opened the door to my house and turned on the lights I dropped all the items in my hand and gasped as i saw him. Niall  was standing there with a guitar. "Niall what are you.." but i was cut off cuz Niall started singing. "You are beautiful no madder what they say words can't bring you down, so don't you bring me down today." When he finished singing he walked up to me. "Nayeli please stop hurting yourself when you hurt yourself your hurting me and i love you." "Oh Niall im so sorry." "Its ok Nayeli just please never do that again." Niall said

 Niall's p.o.v

 After i said that i gently lifted up her chin and stared into her eyes. i started to move forward and so was she then are lips touched. i licked her teeth asking for and entrance and she granted it the kiss was starting to get tens i  was lifting up her shirt when she stopped and pulled me to her room we continued to kiss as i took my shirt off i started to kiss her neck but then went back to her lips then . we got into the bed...........*AUTHORS NOTE: lets just say they had a magical nite ill let your imagination work. oh sorry i don't update much to much school work.Also i made this chapter short because i didn't have enough time to put more. i'll try to update more often. luv you guys Until next time <3


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