Nothing more then friends

Genisis and harry are only supposed to be friends nothing more but will feelings start to change?


5. Lets just pretend that never happened

Genesis p.o.v we finally got to my house. i was so tired because harry was putting all his weight ."i cant stop." I kept thinking . I quickly opened my front door and put Harry on the couch. I  went to the kitchen and grabbed \some water,Advil, and a wet rag i walked over to Harry and he was passed out. i gently wiped his face with the wet rag. he jumped alittle and slowly opened his eyes. Harry"s p.o.v    I felt something cold on my face i i slowly opened my eyes to see big brown beautiful eyes on  me.  it was Genesis. She was whipping my face. A sharp pain started in  my stomach "OWWWWWW" i said while clenching my stomach. Genesis jumped.    Genesis p.o.v    Harry quickly jumped and shouted "OWW."  "good thing my mom wasn't home." i thought to myself.  I looked down and harry is still clenching on his shirt. i reached for his shirt and when i lifted it up he looked shook en but let me. I looked at what he was holding and i couldn't believe my eyes. There was a huge purple bruise. My eyes started to water a little. "whats wrong Genesis?" He looked down and saw the big purple bruise. "Its ok Gen ( Gen is my nickname ) the bruise will go away." "Yea i hope." i mumbled. I got up and got another rag and put it on the bruise. I continue to wipe Harry's face. My eyes meet Harry's  Harry's p.o.v  Gen's eyes met my eyes i couldn't help it. She is just too beautiful. i leaned over and kissed her.   Genesis p.o.v.  Harry leant over and kissed me. I dont know why but i kissed him back. the kiss felt right. Butterflies where in my stomach.  Harry's  p.o.v  it  felt like the kiss lasted forever. I think i want to be with her. But were only supposed to be friends. why did these feelings just start now? My thoughts were interrupted when genesis pulled away. She just stared at me and blushed. Genesis p.o.v   " what just happened ?"  "Gen i am sorry" Harry said. "Harry its ok i know you only kissed me because you still feel dizzy from the beating they gave you" "A part of me hoped he wasn't dizzy i want to be with harry but i cant me and harry are just supposed to be friends nothing more then friends." I thought.

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