Nothing more then friends

Genisis and harry are only supposed to be friends nothing more but will feelings start to change?


4. HARRY!!!

Genesis p.o.v   I woke up again it was about 1:30. I checked my phone again and still no answer. I think i'm going to go to his house.I quickly brushed my teeth and I tied my long curly brown hair in messy bun but i left my bangs out.I put on some caprees and an areo pastel shirt. When i finished i ran down the stairs and left.. I was walking past an ally and saw a long dark figure slumped against the ally wall. I squinted my eyes and moved closer. It kinda looked like .....HARRY!!!!. I ran to him he was all busted up. Harry are you ok.? Still no answer. He was still breathing. i slapped harry to try and wake him up. He just barley opened his eyes. "Hey Genesis what are doing in my house ....wait im not in my house did i get drunk" Harry said. Harry tried to get up but he was too weak. I had to help him and he had to lean on me to walk. I decided to take him back to my house since it was we were walking  three guys started walking towards us. One of them said "isn't that the guy we beat up yesterday."im going tho call him thug a. Another guy guy said "yes and it looks like he has a very pretty friend im going to have fun."ill call him thug b. Next thing i know there surrounding me an harry. I put Harry down on the side walk. "Why the hell did you do that to harry?" "Wow she is a feisty one."now that's thug letter c. Thug B starts to come close to me he hugs me but in a bad aggressive way. I grab his arm and flip him over. His back slammed onto the wet street floor."AHHH!!' He yelled. Thug A screamed "YOU B****." He pulled out a small pocket knife and came running at me screaming. I quickly dodged it and grabbed his arm. I quickly twisted his arm and he dropped the knife. I think i broke his arm because he started screaming. Then there was thug c. He pulled out a gun and started walking towards me. The gun was right in front of my face. I quickly reacted by twisting his hand and grabbing the gun. "Don't you ever bother me or harry again." and with that he grabbed his friends and left. Thank god that i took karate. I took the bullets out of the gun and threw it out. I quickly walk to harry he has an amused look on his face. "Wow you kicked ass". I helped him get up again and we started walking to my house again.

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