Nothing more then friends

Genisis and harry are only supposed to be friends nothing more but will feelings start to change?


6. first day of school and already drama

    (Monday) Ainsley's p.o.v 

*BEEP BEEP BEEP* i woke up to the sound of my alarm. i quickly turned it off and got up. I kept thinking about the kiss. "ugh stop genesis the kiss didn't mean anything." I kept thinking. I walked to the bathroom and started to brush my teeth. After that i hoped in the shower.When i finished  with my shower i got dressed. i put on some dark blue skinny and a loose grey loose fit shirt. i quickly combed through my long curly hair and put moose in my hair and grabbed my iPhone and went downstairs. I went to the kitchen and saw a note from my mom *Hey genesis sorry I'm not there to make you breakfast i had to go to work love you allot XOXOOXOX* " Well i guess i could eat waffles." I quickly make the waffles when my phone rings. 

"HI Harry "

"Hey Gen want to walk together to school?"

"Yea sure"

"Okay Gen ill be there in five minutes"

*Five minutes later*

Genesis p.o.v

i hear a knock on the door i open it  and see Harry. he was wearing a grey shirt with a blazer on. "Hey are you ready"Harry said. "Yea let me go get my sachel" i said  i run upstairs and grab my sachel before i go back down stairs i quickly spray my favorite Paris perfume. " Now I'm ready" i run back downstairs and out the door.

Harry's p.o.v

We start walking to school. i can't help it but keep looking at Genesis. She smelt so good. anyway we finally got to high school me and Gen walked in and two people came running towards us Gen started to run towards them "NAYELI" she screamed and jumped into the arms of a tall girl with light brown curly hair. I start  to walk away when Genesis calls my name. i look and she signals me to come over there. I start to walk over there with  cheeky smile on my face. "Hey Nayeli good to see you again. " I said "Hi Harry." I smiled at her and looked at Genesis. "Oh yea and this is Niall my boyfriend.' She said pointing to the blonde guy next to her."Hi Niall I am Gen." Gen said as she nudged me "Oh yea I am um Harry."  "Hi its very nice to meet you to." Niall said with an accent.

Genesis p.o.v.

Niall seemed like a nice guy. He even had a cute Irish accent. Nayeli interrupted my thought when she said " Gen can i talk to you in private?"  I look at harry  "OHH Gen don't worry about harry Niall is there they might even become best friends." Nayeli said " Yea ok Ill be back  harry." i said to harry "Me to Niall in the mean time why don't you to talk." Nayeli said. Nayeli dragged me away. not too far cuz i could still see Harry. "So are you and harry a couple yet?" "What ha ha no remember were just friends we have been friends for years and years. you should remember you were there when we started talking." i said  "Yes i was there and in always thought you guys would go out" Nayeli said "so how did you and Niall start talking." i say "Well during summer break i was shopping and i saw him so yea.'' Nayeli said "lol Nayeli you would"i said "come on lets go back to the boys" Me and Nayeli walk up to t hem and there laughing. " Looks like to people became friends." i said ' "Yea Harry said." *DING DING DING * i guess  that was the bell all for of us go in the hall way and look at the papers. I look at all the papers till i see my name. i guess i have to go to room 332 ''Me to.'' Nayeli said "Me three."Niall said. "Me four."  "YAY we have the same home period." We all walk to room 332 When we go inside i see a tall old man. "That must be our teacher." i say. we walk to the four desks in the middle row i sat next to harry,Niall sat next to Nayeli, and Nayeli sat next to me.Soon after a lot more kids started to show up I was a little shocked at what most of the girls where wearing especially this one girl who wore booty shorts and a tight  top. I could tell that she liked Harry.  i was talking to Harry when the Girl with the booty shorts walked next to Harry blocking my view of Harry " UMM excuse me i was talking with Harry so could you just wait till were done talking. " She turned around and looked at me with disgust in her eyes. "Well its too bad he was probably just talking to you because he felt bad that your so ugly." she said and turned around. Harry had shock in his eyes. I look back right quick to see what Nayeli was doing. Nayeli had a I'm going to kick her ass face " Gen hold my earnings i am about to kick some ass." Nayeli said "Its okay Nayeli i got this." I look back at harry but the girl is still in the way. "Any way sorry for the interruption a nerd actually started talking to me eww well i am Britni and i know your Harry because of that nerd  i was wondering if you would like to go out and eat lunch with me. maybe you might get a little extra." Britni said popping out her boob. I was just about to say something when Harry said "Um sorry but no  Gen is actually my best friend and i don't like the way you were talking to  her and I'm sorry but i actually prefer girls who don't  look like a stripper sorry." I started to laugh. She turned around and said. " YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY."  "yes" i said. "WELL YOUR GOING TO WISH YOU NEVER SAID THAT I'M GOING TO MAKE ELEVENTH GRADE THE WORST YEAR OF YOUR LIFE." said Britni.  " You better calm down or your fake boobs will pop." said Nayeli. Every body in the class started to laugh even the teacher. Britni stormed out of the room. "Good one" i tell Nayeli Then class started.

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