Nothing more then friends

Genisis and harry are only supposed to be friends nothing more but will feelings start to change?


10. cut

        Genesis p.o.v 

       I woke up on Harry's lap.Wait why was i sitting on top of Harry.I slowly lifted my head of of the couches arm rest and looked around. Nayeli was sleeping on top of Niall. They looked so cute together. I was still looking at them when i jumped to the sound of harry sneezing. I turned my head to see Harry grinning at me.I just remembered i was still sitting on top of Harry so i jumped of him. Harry started to laugh. I grabbed a popcorn kernel  that was on the floor from last night and threw it at harry. It fell inside of his shirt. i started to laugh at Harry because he was wiggling to get it out of his shirt.I guess we were being loud because Niall and Nayeli woke up."Good morning sleeping beauties." i say while tossing two more popcorn kernel at Nayeli and Niall. "Hey Genesis i dont wan't to sound mean but can we ......EAT BREAKFAST PLEASSSSSSSS!!!!!" Niall said pleading. "ok ok ok fine but your girlfriend is going to help me cook and we have to brush our teeth . Don't worry i have extra toothbrush " i say while getting up. " Oh yea we cook you guys clean so clean the living room." Nayeli says smiling. We all get up and brush our teeth.When we finished Niall and Harry went to clean the living room and Nayeli and i went to cook.We decided to cook pancakes, eggs, and bacon. We set up the table and started eating. "HOW DARE YOU GUYS EAT WITHOUT ME." Niall says with a playful smile. "You know Nayeli this bacon is really good" i say taking a bite if the bacon mocking Niall. He jumps in the chair next to nayeli and starts stuffing his face. soon after Harry comes in and starts to eat to.
"That was delicious." we all say. Shortly after that we all said our good byes. Waiting for the next day.but only if we knew every thing that is going to happen in the future.


   *Five months later*

 Genesis p.o.v 

 Its been a good five months. Harry and i are still nothing more then friends. Actually i like this boy in my math class named Elliot. He is cute and sweet. But i don't get to talk to him without Harry interupting us. I kinda wonder why but it doesn't matter The only thing im worried about is Nayeli. She isn't the same. That Britni girl has been tormenting us but it didn't really hurt me but i guess it was getting  t o her. she just seems to push every one away.

Nayeli p.o.v 

 Your fat, stupid , ugly , sl** Kept ringing in my mind as i grabbed my razor. This wasn't the first  time i cut. What Britni would tell me isn't what made me cut. What made me cut was that i actually belived it. "I'm so weak." i say to myself  as i slice the razor across my risk. "DAMN" i say. i cut myself to low now people were going to notice. Oh no and i have a date with Niall. I quickly rinsed my risk and started looking threw my wardrobe. I can't wear a long sleeve cuz its like 90 degree. "Oh wait." i whisper and go threw my jewlery. I put a whole bunch of bracelets on and wore black skinny jeans and a grey loos fit shirt. "DING DONG" "great he is here" i mumble and spray perfume. i run down stairs and open the door. "Hey love" Niall said kissing me. "Hey." i say . i got in the car and we drove to a nice but cheap resturant  .we  sat at the table in the corner of the resturant. i reached my arm to grab Niall's hand when the bracelets slipped.....

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