Nothing more then friends

Genisis and harry are only supposed to be friends nothing more but will feelings start to change?


2. Coming over

Genesis p.o.v   I was still watching raw when my I phone vibrated ( conversation ) Harry: Hi.   Genesis: Hey whats up?   Harry:nothing so bored can i come over?    Genesis: My mom isn't here but ok :)   Harry: Ill be there in a minute End of conversation. I put my phone in my pocket and continued watching wrestling. ( 20 minutes later) i hear a knock on the door i ran down stairs and opened the door and a tall figure stood in front of me . I already knew it was harry so i hugged him and let him in. We went to my room and started to turn things on. Like my PlayStation . We started to play black ops 2. We were playing for about 2 hours when i heard some one yell "IM HOMEEEEE.' CRAP i said

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