Nothing more then friends

Genisis and harry are only supposed to be friends nothing more but will feelings start to change?


8. akward lunch

 Genesis p.o.v

  As the bell rung the tall old man closed the giant wood door and started to walk around the class. Then he went to the front of the class "Hello class i am  Mr.birch, and i am your drama teacher.'' After those eleven words i blanked out.the classes after that  just zoomed  by till we got to lunch. Harry,Niall,Nayeli,and i quickly got our lunch and sat down at a table.

 Nayeli's p.o.v

 we all sat down and started to eat. we all were so into our food so we didn't know what was happening. when i finally looked up i saw almost every one making out. 'oh my gosh.''  said itch cased Genesis, Niall,and harry to look up. There mouths dropped.I started to laugh when i felt Niall's hand grabs mine. i started to blush so i looked down at my feet. When i felt his other hand gently touched my chin and lifted it up.My cheeks were as read as apples. ''This would be mine and Niall's first kiss.'' I thought as Niall's face got closer to mine. there was a small gap between us now and im freaking out. ''i can do this yea i can do this." I quickly jolted forward and started to kiss Niall. He looked alittle shooken up but quickly started kissing me back. I played with his soft hair and he did the same to me. i swear this is the best kiss ever!!!!

 Genesis p.o.v

i looked at Harry then at Nayeli and Niall kissing then back at Harry. "Wierd." I said and looked at Harry. He gave me a cheeky smile and said "Yeah too bad we don't have anyone to kiss hehe.''  "Yea too bad." i say and look down at my feet. "This is so fudging awkward why me why me." i keep thinking.  Harry broke the silence by saying " umm Gen you kno that." but before he could finish the bell wrung. Niall and Nayeli quickly closed the kiss and walked away hand in hand. I smiled at harry and he smiled back. We started to walk to our sixth class. .

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