I don't like you

Brittany ,Britt for short is 17. When she was little she lived next to Harry styles. She hates him so much. He promised he would keep the bullies away but he became one. Will Harry forget about her? Would he take no for an answer ? Read more to find out!!!!! ;)


7. Warning read if you'd like

Louis's pov:
Britt came over and laid on top of me. I started to kiss her passionately. I rolled over so I was laying on top of her. She started to kiss my weak spot which was my neck and I started to moan. I began taking her shirt off and kissing until I got to her bra. She moved her back up so I could undo her bra. I started to massage her boobs and she let out a moan which made me smile. I stared to kiss her from her boobs to her belly button. I undid her jeans and mine. I could tell she was staring at my abs but I didn't mind. I laid back on top of her and started kissing her everywhere. She started taking off my boxers and I started taking off her black lace thong. I kissed her more and got in position. I started to thrust when there was a knock at the door. I sat on the bed and we both sighed. "What is it " is asked. "It's Harry " Harry said as me and Britt were putting on our clothes. "Do you guys want to go to Starbucks" Harry asked from outside the hall. I looked at Britt as we were both getting dressed and she nodded her head. I told Harry yes and heard him walk down the hall. "Can I wear on of your shirt and sweatshirts please" Britt asked. I gave her a red and white striped shirt and a jack wills red hoodie she said thanks and we met the boys in the kitchen.
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