I don't like you

Brittany ,Britt for short is 17. When she was little she lived next to Harry styles. She hates him so much. He promised he would keep the bullies away but he became one. Will Harry forget about her? Would he take no for an answer ? Read more to find out!!!!! ;)


4. Talk to me

Louis's pov
I hate Harry right now. Britt is so fragile and he did that to her. I want to punch him in the face. I hate seeing Britt cry. It felt so right having her against my chest so I picked her up and put her on my lap. I really hope she couldn't feel my boner. I knew she could when she said"Louis wait for tonight". I laughed"sorry". She laughed with me. She looked up at me. She was still beautiful with red puffy eyes. I wiped her tears off with my thumbs and kissed her passionately.

Harry's pov
I didn't know what was taking them so long so u decided to go check on her even If she didn't want to see me. When I went down the hall Louis's bedroom door was closed so I opened it silently. I barged in and screamed "get off her". Louis jumped off the bed and stared at me. I heard all the boys running down to the bedroom but it was too late I had Louis on the floor and I was punching him. "Stop it Harry. Stop!" Britt screamed but I couldn't until Zayn and Niall pulled me off Louis. Liam and Britt were on the ground seeing if Louis was okay. "It's okay babe. I'll go get you an ice pack"Britt said to Louis then pecked his lips. She knew how to get to me. She walked by and didn't even look at me. I don't blame her for being mad i mean I bullied her and look what I just did to my best mate. I feel so stupid sometimes. I wish I could back to when I first started bullying Britt and do my whole life over from then. I'm so stupid sometimes.

Louis's pov
When Harry came in I jumped. I was so scared. His eyes turned from emerald green to dark green. He screamed and tackled me to the ground and began punching me. "Stop it Harry. Stop it!" I heard Britt scream. I heard the boys run down the hall and into my room. I was so scared and it hurt so bad when he punched me. Zayn and Niall got him off of me and Liam and Britt came to see if I was okay. "It's okay babe. I'll go get you an ice pack" Britt said then pecked me on the lips. I could tell she was mad. She pushed past Harry like he didn't exist. It was pretty funny. I really like Britt I want to asker to be my girl friend. I haven't felt like this since Eleanor broke up with me. With Britt it is different the with Eleanor I feel with Britt there was not just a spark. I felt like there was fireworks going off like crazy.

Britt's pov
Oh my gosh. I want to slap Harry on his fucking head. I couldn't believe him. I don't know what his problem was but I knew he needed to stop right now unless he wanted to get hurt by me. He's so stupid. Now Louis will never ask me out I felt so different with him like it was meant to be. I love Louis but he will never feel the same. To him I'll just be another girl. I went back into Louis's bedroom. Louis looked so hurt a few tears went down my eyes. I knew Louis could tell because when I went to him and have him the ice pack he just hugged me tightly which made me cry even more. " Guys can you give me a moment alone with Britt please" I asked. They all nodded except for Harry but it didn't matter because Zayn and Niall pulled him out. Liam shut the door behind him.
"What's wrong Britt? Tell LouLou".
"It's Harry. First he bullies me then has sex with me the punches you in the face. I mean like what's up with him and why does he care anyways? It's my life not his".i said in between sobs.
"I know babe. Shhhh. It's alright Harry just cares about you. I know I know. He bullied you but he changed"
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