I don't like you

Brittany ,Britt for short is 17. When she was little she lived next to Harry styles. She hates him so much. He promised he would keep the bullies away but he became one. Will Harry forget about her? Would he take no for an answer ? Read more to find out!!!!! ;)


8. Just saying

The last chapter is short because it was dirty. I know sorry about that. If you read it I stopped there because I thought it would be fun:)). If you didn't read it they are on there way to Starbucks. I might be able to write a chapter. It's because my mom is taking my electronics away for a week because I didn't finish cleaning my room so if I don't update in a week you know why:'( but I might write a little when she is at work because I'm alone for an hour and a half and I already have draft for the next chapter so yay. Or u might not write because I get a shit load of homework. :( I love you my curlys. Get other peeps reading so we can have more curlys. Love Sydney
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