I don't like you

Brittany ,Britt for short is 17. When she was little she lived next to Harry styles. She hates him so much. He promised he would keep the bullies away but he became one. Will Harry forget about her? Would he take no for an answer ? Read more to find out!!!!! ;)


1. Introduction

My name is Brittany. My friends call me Britt. I lived in Holmes Chapel for all my life. I am 17. My birthday is in a few months. When I was in elementary school through the end of middle school I got bullied. I had no friends and it is all because of stupid Harry Styles. He is such an ass. In fifth grade he said he wouldn't stop being friends with me and he would stick up for me but that changed in the beginning of sixth grade. He began to bully me too. In the middle of sixth grade it got bad I began to cut myself to forget about everybody and everything else. I did it every week even more sometimes. I hated myself but that changed in ninth grade when I became a total slut. My grades lowered because of my class work because I acted like I didn't know anything but I did. I did we'll on homework and tests but not school work. Once I went to tenth grade everything sucked I had so many friends but I was known as the Holmes Chapel slut. Everyone knew me by and called me Slut Muffin but after all I was one. I snuck into bars and slept with at least two guys every week. Harry left when he was sixteen to go to X factor but I didn't care I mean we weren't even friends so why would it matter to me. I had two good friends. Their names were Rachel and Amanda. They were like my followers. They kept me updated. I was the queen bee of the school I kept everything running. I had a boyfriend no more like a boy toy. His name was josh.
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