I don't like you

Brittany ,Britt for short is 17. When she was little she lived next to Harry styles. She hates him so much. He promised he would keep the bullies away but he became one. Will Harry forget about her? Would he take no for an answer ? Read more to find out!!!!! ;)


2. I'm going out

I can't wait to go to the bar tonight. I was only seventeen but I looked old enough. Here you only have to be eighteen to get in but I didn't care. It was now six so I decided to go early. I jumped in the black sports car and when I'm going to the bar. I got to the Bar there's nobody there. I decided to be would good to go early to get drunk enough. I say down next to this cute boy. He had light brown hair. I didn't talk to him till around seven so that way I would be drunk enough and not to embarrassed. I looked all over and couldn't find him so I decided to start grinding on some other guys. One guy was so hot. He looked familiar but I couldn't tell who he was he was a little fuzzy to me though. Everything started moving and I got dizzy I was about to fall over when this cute curly hair boy caught me. He chuckled at me. Then he scanned my body up and down. He started to bite his lower lip. Which was turning me on so I did the same. He started to crash his lips on mine it was so nice we stood there for five minutes just kissing. Good thing I decided to wear short short jean shorts because he picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him. He brought me in the car and started kissing my neck. He kissed my weak spot which was my jaw line and I began to moan. I could tell he liked it because I could feel him smiling. He came back to my mouth and started to kiss me rougher than the first time but it felt so right. I started to pull on his curls a little. He then started to moan. I put my hand over his pants where his dick was under and started to rub it and he started to moan louder. He started to unhook my bra and began to massage my boobs and began kissing and sucking on them. He stopped and went in the front and started the car and drove off. "We'll finish this in my place love yeah? ". "Mmhh"I said and he chuckled. I put on my bra and climbed in the front. I put my hand near Harry's dick and started to rub inside his thigh. He let out a soft moan and said "stop babe I wanna to but I'm driving okay?" I sighed and put my hands on my lap. We arrived in Harry's flat in minutes. "Shhh"he said "Lou is sleeping." He open the door and heard soft snoring Harry pulled me into his bedroom and locked the door. He went back to kissing me. I wanted him right now so I just began throwing his and my clothes off. "Slow down babe" Harry laughed. "But Harry I want you and all of you now"I said seductively. He was already undressed all the way so he positioned himself and began thrusting in and out it didn't hurt that bad because I've had bigger. I could hear myself moaning so loud and so was he I knew I kept saying his name and tell ing him to go deeper and faster but I couldn't stop myself. It just felt so right. "Harry came and a second after that I did too and after that we both fell asleep quickly. That was the best sex ever and I've had a lot.
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