Dream come true

Kennedy is a normal 18 year old girl,as she heads to her first concert to see her favorite boy band 1D,when she gets there she doesn't expect for not one but three of the band mates to fall for her.


5. Truth or dare

Kennedy's (P.O.V)

I still couldn't believe that they wanted me to go to there house I had butterflies.When we got in their house it was huge of course,we sat in a circle on the ground I was by Niall and then Harry,Louis,Zayn and the Liam on the other side of me."So what's my dare?" I asked Louis still wondering what it was,"your dare is to switch clothes with Hazza!"Louis said Harry and Niall gave him a what-are-doing look but didn't bother to ask,"ok." We both said so then we changed we came out I was wearing gray sweat pants and a big black t-shirt and Harry was wearing skinny jeans that didn't fit and a v neck shirt.It was my turn to ask so I turned to Liam,"Liam truth or dare?""truth."He replied,"ok what's your secret talent?"I asked,"I can do the splits." He said I was so shocked so I made him do them and wow is he flexible."Louis truth or dare?"Liam said,"DARE!THATS AN UBSURD QUESTION!!!" He yelled at Liam,"ok,I dare you to eat a banana with 7up!"Liam said with a smirk.Louis was saying he could do it but I'm not sure that he knew that when you eat both things so we made him do it by the toilet.5 minutes after we got the stuff he ate some banana and swallowed 7up at the same time and he through up instantly.after we cleaned up we sat down again and continued.later when it was Louis' turn again he asked me an I said,"dare." "Ok I dare you to kiss everyone in the room on the lips for 10 seconds but only on the cheek for me and Zayn because we have girlfriends." He said I looked at him puzzled ad he said,"go on."I looked at Niall then Liam and then Harry it was to much it reminded me of my ex Ryan he abused me,cut me I had scars on my back and legs.whenever I tried to escape he would catch me and lock me in a room and rape me.I panicked all I saw was Ryan on their faces I started to cry got up and started to run to the door but someone caught my arm and I fell to the ground crying and screaming,"PLEASE DON'T HURT ME,OR RAPE ME!!!!" "I would never WE would never." I heard a soft,soothing voice say and pulled me into a hug soon I was being hugged by 5 boys.i was still crying and in Harry's clothes I didn't want them to know,I didn't want them to see my scars,but I had to tell them...

Liam's (P.O.V)

She started to cry when Louis told her the dare she got up and started to run to the door but I caught her arm and she fell to the ground and screamed,"PLEASE DON'T HURT ME,OR RAPE ME!!!!" I said softly,"I would never WE would never."Then I hugged her and all the guys joined.while she cried I wondered why she would say that,did someone hurt her?Well if someone did I would punch them and make them feel the pain she felt!Why would someone hurt her??
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