Dream come true

Kennedy is a normal 18 year old girl,as she heads to her first concert to see her favorite boy band 1D,when she gets there she doesn't expect for not one but three of the band mates to fall for her.


7. The party/drama

Louis' (P.O.V)

Everything is perfect she's going to be so surprised it was tough though because it was in a day but my to fear Louis is here!!!,"she's coming everyone hide!" Niall shouted and turned the lights off she walked in with Liam and I when she turned on the lights,"SURPRISE!!!" Everyone shouted but me no I screamed,"AHHHH THE LIGHT!!!" And fell on the ground

Kennedy's (P.O.V)

Liam and I walked in and I turned on the lights and everyone jumped and yelled ,"SURPRISE!!"well almost everyone Louis was on the ground screaming,"AHHH THE LIGHT!!!!"Which I laughed at,"you guys did all this for me?" I asked,"yes,yes we did." Niall said with food in his mouth,"wow...wait," I asked curiously,"what is it love?"Liam asked,"how did you guys know it was my birthday?" I said raising an eyebrow,"well you're friend texted you happy birthday so I assumed it was" Niall said I went over and gave all them a hug,"thank you guys I'm gonna go change." No worries love." Zayn said,"no problem." Louis said then I ran upstairs and changed I came down and asked,"hey where is Harry I need to thank him?" They all pointed to the D.J area," he's right over there." Liam said then I heard Harry scream,"D.J STYLES IN THE HOUSE TONIGHT!!!" "Hey D.J styles come give me a hug!" I yelled so he could hear me then he came down and I hugged him,"what was that for?" He asked,"for helping out this surprise party for me silly.ll" he chucked and gave me a smirk,"we'll I'm gonna go get something to eat bye talk to you later." I said and went to grab food.After I ate I went and sat at a table then a slow song came on Niall walked up and asked me,"would you like to dance?" "Yes I would love to Niall." And blushed we started to dance It felt so right he looked up at me and are locked on each others,"you can trust me." It was time I got over my fear ,"ya I know that now." I said I looked down and blushed he lifted my head with his hand and we kissed there were fireworks everywhere it was perfect I broke and blushed like crazy,"kennedy i really like you and i hope you feel the same."he said and i walked back in the house I was walking but someone grabbed my had and pulled me in a closet I later found out it was Liam,"Liam what are you doing you sc..." I was cut off by Liam kissing me his lips were so soft it he asked for entrance and he gained it then I broke it,"I'm sorry if I scared you Kennedy." He said,"no you didn't." "Ok I just wanted to say I really like you and I would never hurt you like that Ryan guy did I want you to feel safe." "Liam I..." I was interrupted by Louis,Niall,Harry ,Zayn and someone else who's voice was familiar they were screaming the happy birthday song,"Liam ill talk to you later about this they are probably looking all over for me." He looked sad when I said that but said,"ok,later." We walked out making sure no one saw us then I saw her it was my friend jordyn I ran and gave her a hug,"what are you doing here!" I said excitedly,"someone texted me and said to come to your surprise party I was looking everywhere for you and now I found you!!!" We both smiled and hugged again,"mind to tell us who this is?" Liam said,"guys this is my friend Jordyn,Jordyn this is one direction." She was frozen and just staring at Liam but I didn't really like that considering we had kissed and he said that he liked me and I do like him so I snapped my fingers and she stopped.later they brought the cake out and we ate then everyone left including my friend Jordyn ,"hey Hazza where r u?" I yelled he walked up behind me and scared me I needed to talk to him about the dance when he saw nialler and I dancing he seemed mad so I needed to talk to him,"what's wrong love?" He asked,"Harry you looked mad when I was dancing with Niall." I said and he looked at the ground and didn't answer,"the ground more interesting?" I sad with a little giggle then I stopped when he crashed his lips on mine there was electricity flowing and he gained access it was really good he broke it and said,"Kennedy listen ever since I saw you I like you that was why I winked at you and told you to come backstage again and when I saw you dancing with Niall it made me jealous cause I know he likes you too." He said I was shocked and didn't say anything then Louis jumped and said,"you two living room now!" He said Harry ran after I just walked when I stepped in the living room they all had smirks on there faces," what now?" I said ," well there is one thing about this night that hasn't happened and thats." "PRESENTS!!!!" Louis interrupted Niall ,"you guys didn't have to get me anything really." I said cause I really didn't want them to,"nonsense! Me first!!!" Louis through his present at me I opened it up and it was a really pretty carrot bed set that said carrot princess and a carrot pillow,"thank you Louis I love it!!" I said,"I KNEW IT!!" I giggled ," ok my turn." Niall said and gave me a big box I opened it,"Niall you didn't!" I squealed it was a red electric guitar,"I thought you might like." He grinned ,"like it I love,how did you know I played guitar?" "I didn't i thought if you did we could jam if you didn't I would teach you." He said I gave him a big bear hug," my turn!" Zayn said he handed me a small box and it had a diamond earrings in it,"oh my god Zayn,I'm speechless." "I'm really good with presents to girls,if ya know what I mean." Zayn made a click sound and winked," ZAYN YOU DIRTY BASTARD!" Louis yelled in a funny voice,"it's my turn now." He handed me a big box it had D.C shoes skinny jeans,TNA sweater and shirt and a pandora bracelet with a one direction charm and give others that said Nialler,carrot prince,vayn,Hazza and li." Haha Iove it Harry!"and gave him a hug,"last but not least me." He smirked he took me to a spare room and it had a whole bunch of recording stuff,"this room is yours." Li said I stood there like an idiot speechless,"but wait I'm only gonna be able to use it for a couple of days?" And the reason is because I didn't live here,"umm well not exactly they all took me to a big room it had all my stuff in it,"why is all my stuff in here?!?!" I was shocked,"BECAUSE YOU LIVE HERE NOW!!!!!"all of them shouted I almost fainted ,"how,when?" "Well when you and li li were gone we phoned your mum and told her to come we told her that we wanted you to live with us since you are done school and stuff so she agreed and brought all your stuff but your bed set isn't staying case the one I got you is going on!" "Are you guys kidding me!!!!!" I said happily I was going to faint and I did.

Liam's (P.O.V)

She was so excited she fainted wow.when she woke up she was In her bed with Louis' new bed sheet,"hey love." I whispered in her ear cause we all fell asleep in the bed,"yes Liam." She replied with a cute morning voice,"how you feeling?" I was concerned cause she hit her head,"I'm better I was just so shocked I mean it was a lot of information." She said with a giggle,"ya sorry about that." "It's fine." And she fell back to sleep but she cuddled in my arms.

Later in the morning

We were all watching the news Kennedy was walking in the living room but then she just froze she stared at the telly and dropped her bowl on the ground and it shattered she was about to fall but Niall caught and picked her up bridle style and out on the couch in front of the Telly," Kennedy what's wrong?!?!?" I was really concerned she just pointed at the Telly and it said a local prisoner Ryan Fortle has escaped from prison."is that your ex?" Harry said while he was clutching his knuckles so hard they were white she just nodded."it's ok he can't find you and he won't hurt you we are all here for you." I said while we were all comforting her.he won't find her or hurt her ill make sure of it.

Ryan's (P.O.V)

Finally I'm out! She's going to be so surprised when she sees me but first I need to find where she is.there was a newspaper on the ground it was her with the gay band one direction.well now I know where she is its time to finish some business.

Louis' (P.O.V)

My mum walked in the door cause she was coming to visit.i gave her a big hug and so did the rest of the boys,"hello mum!" We all said,"hello boys I missed you all so much!" She smiled then Kennedy came around the corner,"hi I'm Kennedy I live with the boys your Louis' mom im guessing?"she nodded her head and They shook hands but as soon as Kennedy said her own name my mum went pale as a ghost,"mum you alright?" "Fine dear just can I speak to you alone?" She sounded funny something was up.we walked into a room ,"mom what's going on after Kennedy said her name you went pale?" "Lou I never told you this but you have a long lost sister well you HAD one one," "what!!" i said raising my,"well until now that girl Kennedy is your sister."
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