Dream come true

Kennedy is a normal 18 year old girl,as she heads to her first concert to see her favorite boy band 1D,when she gets there she doesn't expect for not one but three of the band mates to fall for her.


8. She's my what?!He's my what?!

Louis' (P.O.V)

"She's my what?!" I yelled at my mum,"Louis calm down." She replied,"how can I when YOU my mother didn't tell me I had a long lost sister!" I was very angry with that she didn't tell me I mean this is huge!,"Louis listen when you two were born I could only keep one of you guys because I couldn't take care of two kids on my own...so I picked you she was put up for adoption but then a few days later we came into a lot of money so I went back to the hospital to get her back but it was to late she had already been adopted,the reason I didn't tell you is because I thought it would be better I if I didn't tell you cause then you wouldn't wonder about her but she is here that is her you know that I could only drop by to say hi then I had to leave for my plane." She said I was so shocked I couldn't move let alone talk but I managed to get this out,"so you're telling me that she's my sister and I never knew about her until now?" She sighed,"yes Louis I'm sorry but you have to promise me when I leave you will tell her and the boys,and make sure you don't let anything happen to her don't loose her like I did..and tell her I love her and I'm sorry for what happened." I finally moved and hugged her and whispered in her ear,"I promise." We went out off the room she said goodbye to all of us then she was gone.How was I gonna tell the boys and her that she's my long lost sister?!?! I mean this is big and shell probably pass out again.i walked into the living and saw them all sitting there watching paranormal activity 2 I paused the movie and walked in front,"HEY!" Zayn yelled,"shut up Zayn." I muttered back,"what's wrong Louis?" Niall asked,"I have an announcement to make." I said and that got there attention,"what is it?" Liam said getting curious,"well you see the thing is Kennedy,your my sister." Everyone looked like they had just seen someone die especially Kennedy,"what?!" She finally yelled,"it's true when we were born our mum could only take care of one of us cause she was alone so she chose me then a few days later she came upon lots of money she went back to get you but someone had already adopted you." I started to cry Liam came up and hugged me then all the boys did I looked at Kennedy she was still frozen I walked over and sat down next to her and hugged her,"why didn't you tell me this before." She said silently,"I didn't know until today when my mum well our mum came and told me."she started to cry,"so I wasn't living with my real parents I just thought I was?" She was balling now,"I guess so but don't worry Kennedy I'm your big brother and I'm not gonna let anyone hurt you especially that Ryan guy." I said kinda getting mad at the end,"you promise?" She said ,"I promise." And we linked pinkies and she fell asleep in my arms I took her to her bed and let her sleep then walked downstairs to the kitchen,"hey she alright?" Liam said worriedly,"ya she barely even moved when you told her." Niall said walking into the kitchen,"And she didn't even like talk and looked pale." Harry also stated," yes she is fine she's just sleeping..." I had to tell them that I didn't want her to get hurt so if anyone of the boys broke her heart they would pay,"what's wrong Louis you look mad?" Zayn came over and put his had on my shoulder," I'm fine but I have to make something clear if one of you three." I pointed at Liam,Niall and Harry,"break her heart I swear to god you are going to pay!"they all shook their heads and said,"why would we hurt her shes perfect?" Liam said quietly,"I don't know I'm telling you." "Ok." They all agreed.well this was an exciting day.

Kennedy's (P.O.V)

I woke up still not believing that I was Louis Tomlinson's sister twin in fact I walked down the stairs they were all sitting on the couch when they saw me Louis jumped and threw me over his shoulder and ran out the door with the others following him luckily I had cleaned myself after I woke up,"where r we going!!" I screamed,"somewhere fun!!"they all shouted.They blindfolded me and put me in the car ,"please don't hurt me." I said getting worried,"we aren't going to we just blindfolded you cause the place is a surprise!"Niall said excitedly,"ok." I said cautiously.we came to a stop and they picked me up and put me somewhere and took the blindfold off it was a changing room,"put this on then come out." Harry said with a smirk,"what is it?" I said but before he could answer they all ran out,I opened a bag and saw a bathing suit it was a two piece it was actually pretty it was black with orange,green,purple,red and blue splash paints on it.they was also some girl trunks I put the two piece on then the trunks which were purple and lime green.i walked out and saw where we were it was a beautiful lake with big slides kinda like a water park but we were the only ones here,I saw the boys Liam said,"hello love." "Hi." I said "come one we held out his had I grabbed it and he took me to the beach where the boys were they all looked at us but Harry and Niall seemed a bit mad,"well hello Kennedy." Harry said and winked I blushed and said ,"hey Hazza." Niall walked over to me and said," do you want to have some fun?" He said and lifted me up went into the water as bit and through me in it was freezing,"NIALL!!!!ITS FREAKING COLD!!" I screamed then they all jumped in we had a really good time after a bit Liam told me he wanted to talk to me,"hey Kennedy can I talk to you?" "Ya sure." I said and skipped towards in we walked to a bench and sat down,"so what did you want to talk about li li?" I said "well remember at the party you said we could talk later so I thought now was the time to talk." He said I had totally forgotten about that he liked me so did Niall and Harry I wonder what's he gonna say I'm not sure if I can trust people in that way again right now.

Liam's (P.O.V)

The time was perfect we were having a great time so I called Kennedy over and we walked to a bench and sat down,"so what did you want to talk about li li?" "well remember at the party you said we could talk later so I thought now was the time to talk." I said she looked kinda sad when I said that I grabbed her hands and said,"Kennedy I know you probably don't trust anyone still after what happened with that guy,but I was wondering if maybe you would like to give it a try I would never hurt you in anyway nor would any of the guys but I'm saying that you can trust me and I was wondering if you would be my girlfriend?" I said and smiled at her she blushed an looked at the ground then back at me she gave a really big smile and said,"yes I will I think I'm ready to give this a try again." And with that I crashed my lips onto hers we moved in sync with each other her lips were so soft then we broke when we heard Louis whistle and say,"it's about time Liam!" "Shut up Louis." We both said ,"we'll I just came to tell you two love birds that we're leaving." We smiled and walked back hand in hand,"where did you find them?" Zayn said ,"I found them making out on a bench." Louis said,"really?" Harry said sounding mad and sad I felt bad cause I knew he liked her but she is mine.we all got in the car and went home.

Harry's (P.O.V)

I can't believe it Liam had one her,and they were making out I'm happy for them but it was just that I wanted to make her happy.

Nialls (P.O.V)

Liam had did one her I should have known I couldn't make her as happy as Liam could hes just better at that stuff then I am.I'm still happy for him but I can't get over the fact that she's taken.

Kennedy's (P.O.V)

I did it I can trust someone again I felt so safe around him.i felt bad for Niall and Harry because they wanted me to,"who wants hot chocolate?!?!" Liam yelled we all screamed ,"HELL YA!!!" He brought the drinks out we started to watch the movie when there was a loud crash,"what the hell?" Louis groaned and looked back he quickly jumped up,"Louis what's wrong?!?!" I was scared he just pointed at the door and said,"he's here..."
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