Dream come true

Kennedy is a normal 18 year old girl,as she heads to her first concert to see her favorite boy band 1D,when she gets there she doesn't expect for not one but three of the band mates to fall for her.


4. Nando's

Kennedy's (P.O.V)

When we got to Nando's we ordered and started to talk about random stuff like "what do you sing in the the shower?" Then are food came,when they said Niall ate lots I thought ok not bad but when he started to eat it was like the craken being unleashed...He this and that and a milkshake and to top all of it off a sundae,"You finished?"I asked Niall,"ya I think so."he replied while rubbing his stomach.Then Louis whispered something to Zayn and he told everyone but me,they all gave me a wide grin like they Hadn't eaten in days and I was food,"what?"I asked curiously,"oh nothing just had an amazing idea."Louis said,"well what is it?" I was getting scared,they all looked at each other counted to three and said,"truth or dare Kennedy?"I sighed in relief,"dare."I said but wishing I hadn't said that,what were they going to make me do??

Louis' (P.O.V)

It was genius just GENIUS of me.Everything was going to plan she agreed to play and she picks dare so that's good.Me and Zayn can tell that Harry,Niall and Liam love her so I'm gonna help her decide on it.She will know for sure when my plan unravels,but I have to tell those three a different plan I have cause they won't say they do in front of each other.

Liam's (P.O.V)

I liked Louis plan but to prank her but I knew he was lying he had that look on his face and I could tell so I whispered to Louis to tell him I knew and then he told me what he was really doing.i mean was it that obvious that I liked her well oh well I don't like her I love her and I'm fighting for her because Harry and Niall both love her as well but I have to make the moment special when Louis does his plan

Louis (P.O.V)

I had tell Kennedy something,"hey Kennedy before we play you know you have to come to our house?" "Umm ok sounds." She agreed and we left.

Harry (P.O.V)

I think Louis' prank is awesome she is going to be so surprised she won't even know what hit her.

Nails (P.O.V)

I'm going to laugh my head off she is going to be so surprised when it happens.i love this plan!!!!!!
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