Dream come true

Kennedy is a normal 18 year old girl,as she heads to her first concert to see her favorite boy band 1D,when she gets there she doesn't expect for not one but three of the band mates to fall for her.


1. My first concert

"Hurry up Kennedy you're gonna be late!"my mother was nagging me because today I was going to my first concert and I was excited."I'm coming just a minute!"I yelled back at her,"ok."she replied i ran down the stairs grabbed my coat I had a sparkly tank top on that said "I love one direction!" Some skinny jeans on my white toms and my short brown hair straightened."bye mum!" I told her and gave her a big hug," have fun!" She said while smiling at me,"oh I will mom don't worry!"I screamed as I ran out the door to my car,I started it up and off I went to my first concert.
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