Dream come true

Kennedy is a normal 18 year old girl,as she heads to her first concert to see her favorite boy band 1D,when she gets there she doesn't expect for not one but three of the band mates to fall for her.


10. Hospital

Louis' (P.O.V)

I woke up in a hospital I felt light headed but when I looked up I saw Harry sitting there where was everyone else oh god were is Liam he got stabbed before me,"HARRY!!" I yelled," LUOIS OH THANK GOD I THOUGHT WE LOST YOU!!" Harry yelled and hugged me but making sure not to touch my stomach,"doctor!" Harry said then a doctor came in,"sir I'm going to have to ask you to leave I have to do a few tests on Louis then you can see him." " fine." Harry mumbled and trudged out.

Kennedy's (P.O.V)

I started to blink my eyes,"she's waking up, shhhhh Kennedy...?" "Z-Zayn?" I said," ya it me kenny." Then it hit I remember the stabbing Niall ,Louis ,Liam all them stabbed,"ZAYN WHERE IS LIAM ,LOUIS AND NIALL!!" I said kinda yelling but then stalked soft cause of my throat,"shhh Kennedy there is something I need to tell you..." He said sounding sad,"what is it!?!?!?" I was getting worried ,"well you see...

Liam (P.O.V)

I woke up but it was dark I could hear someone talking,"please Liam wake up,Kennedy needs I need you we need you..." I realized it was Harry he started to cry and I realized I was in a coma I saw a light and I walked towards it and then I was starting to wake up I could fell my self twitching I heard Harry yell,"DOCTOR, NURSE SOMEONE HE'S WAKING UP!!" Then I heard feet rushing in and then I finally woke up and then Harry hugged me,"Liam I'm so glad you woke up!" I was happy to see Harry but Kennedy or anyone else wasn't here so I was worried,"Harry what happened!where is Kennedy where is everyone!" I yelled then wincing at the pain in my stomach,"please mr Payne we need to do a few tests and then Harry can explain your friends."

Nails (P.O.V)

I woke up but it was so dark I couldn't see anything and I couldn't hear anything was I dead but then I heard Someone walking into my room and then the sounds of machines being carried in who was it and I don't think I'm dead i think I'm in a coma,"please Niall don't die just get out of a coma pleas we all need you." I heard Harry and he was crying then I heard Louis,"Niall please I know you can do it you're strong I know you can pull through." I heard crying,"I'm trying I'm trying you guys." I tried to tell but nothing worked.

Kennedy's (P.O.V)

Zayn tell me!!" I was so worried," We'll Louis is awake now and he's fine but Liam was in a coma and Niall is in a coma and the doctors think that Niall might loose some of his memory.." When Zayn said that it hit me like a bag of bricks my brother,boyfriend and my friend who is like a brother were all in the hospital because of me,"w-wha-what??" I stuttered,"it's all my fault..." I whispered,"no it's not don't blame yourself!" Zayn kinda yelled,"wait.." I said totally forgetting about someone,"what is it Kennedy?" Zayn started to get worried,"where is Ryan?" I said Zayn saw the fear in my eyes he came and hugged me and said,"shhhh it's ok he's in jail." "How did they catch him?"I said ,"we'll let me tell you the story when he was cutting your throat Niall leaped and tried to get the knife away from him but he went and stabbed Niall and I walked up behind him and hit him on the head with a bat and when Niall fell he hit his head hard that's how he is in a coma." Zayn told me what happened I felt so bad it was my fault they were all here,"Zayn?" I said," what is it love?" He said,"I want to see Louis,Liam and Niall now!" I kinda and tried to hop off but Zayn forced me down,"YOU CAN'T DO THAT!" He yelled,"WHY?!?!?I WANT TO SEE THEM IT'S MY FAULT THERE IN THIS PLACE IT'S ALL MY FAULT I WANT TO SEE THEM!!!!" I snapped back and tried to get away faster but Zayn tightened his grip I started to cry,"Kennedy I'm sorry but you can't see them you have to wait Liam is getting tests and Niall is still in a coma so we didn't want you to see him until you saw Louis so we want you to see Louis first." Zayn said and loosened his grip on my arms,"I want to see Louis." "Ok let's go." Zayn got a wheelchair and we went to Louis' room,"by the way Louis is probably gonna clobber you because he was so worried about you cause he was first stabbed so he didn't know if you were ok." Zayn whispered before we went in,"ok thanks for the heads up." I said and as soon as we walked in Louis gave me a hug but careful not to touch my wounds and kissed me on the cheek,"KENNEDY I WAS SO WORRIED WHAT DID HE DO TO YOU!!" Louis yelled,"Louis I'm fine it's you that I have to worry about you were stabbed and he stabbed my leg and cut my neck,how did you get stabbed?!?!?" I said back," well when you ran he started to follow so I jumped on his back but he got me off and punched me then stabbed and then everything went black..." Louis said I started to cry," Louis I'm so sorry it's all my fault it's my fault that you guys are here that Liam was in a coma and Niall is still in a coma!" I kinda yelled ,"no it's not!" Lupus and Zayn said together.just then Harry walked and saw me he ran to me and hugged me,"oh my god Kennedy are you alright look at your cuts." Harry said,"Hazza I'm fine." I said reassuring," I want to see Liam and Niall now." I said ,"ok we'll go see Liam now." Zayn said and pushed me to Liam's room we got in there and he saw me," OH MY GOD KENNEDY WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU WHAT DID HE DO ALL I REMEMBER IS RUNNING TOWARDS RYAN CAUSE HE STABBED LOUIS THEN AFTER I PUNCHED HIM HE STABBED ME AND I GUESS I WAS IN A COMA!!!!!!" Liam yelled crying and came and hugged me he groaned by the pain in his stomach,"OH LIAM IT'S MY FAULT IT'S ALL MY FAULT YOU WOULD HAVE NEVER HAVE GOTTEN HURT IF IT WERENT FOR ME!" I sobbed in his chest.to feel his arms around me again I felt safe,"no it's not,its that dick biscuit Ryan's fault." He whispered in my ear," k can we all go see Niall." I said ,"of course love." Liam said," we got into nialls room and I completely froze.
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