Dream come true

Kennedy is a normal 18 year old girl,as she heads to her first concert to see her favorite boy band 1D,when she gets there she doesn't expect for not one but three of the band mates to fall for her.


9. He's back

Kennedy's (P.O.V)

"LOUIS SPIT IT OUT WHAT'S WRONG!?!?!?" I asked really angry because he wouldn't say,"he's here..." He said shakily and then Niall and Zayn grabbed a baseball bat and a hockey stick,"Louis who is here?" I asked praying that it wasn't him,"R-Ryan ." He said then I heard a laugh,"hahaha it's funny you know seeing you in that guys arms when you're with me and them trying to protect you." He said and I realized Liam had came and put his arms around me,"how did you find me!?!?!" I yelled in disbelief and anger,"we'll it's not that hard when your slutty little face is all over the news!" I winced at the word slut u wasn't one but I hated when people called me names Liam whispered in my ear,"it's ok I'm not gonna let him hurt you." He said with a calming yet firm voice,"what's that you bald headed freak,speak up!" Ryan yelled at Liam,"IM NOT GONNA LET YOU HURT HER!!!" Liam yelled then Liam started to walk up to him but he pulled out a knife Liam backed up but Niall and Zayn stepped forward considering the fact that they had a type if weapon,"HAHA YOU THINK YOU CAN TAKE ME!!!YOU LITTLE BASTARDS DON'T HAVE A THING ON ME I CAN TAKE ALL OF YOU!!!!!" Ryan yelled but I didn't think he could but he might cause he was pretty big and looked like he had gotten stronger in jail," you won't touch my sister!" Louis spoke up and yelled at Ryan,"sister?" Ryan looked very confused,"ya that's right you idiot and if you touch her again I swear ill kick your ass!" Louis yelled I never really heard Louis swear so I was kinda shocked but didn't care.Niall and Zayn walked and Niall whispered ,"Kennedy run to the kitchen and hide try to get out of the house if you can we'll handle him." Niall gave me a serious look then Zayn said,"here are my car keys if you get out if the house drive my car and call police." I was so frightened I couldn't move,"Kennedy run now!" Harry whispered yelled to me but I didn't budge the thought of me losing one of the guys was to much,"KENNEDY RUN!!!!!!!" Harry and Louis screamed at the same Liam kinda gave me a shove to get me to run and then I started to run I ran into the kitchen and grabbed the phone and then ran into the pantry and locked the door behind I heard screaming but them dialed 911," hello please state your emergency." A lady answered,"yes hello there is a person in my house and he has a knife i don't know if has killed it stabbed anyone please come quick I live on white grove ave.!!l I whispered yelled,"ok police will be there in a few minutes please stay calm." The lady said I started to panick,"we don't had a few minutes...." Just then when I hung up I heard to big grunt yells,"oh god." I thought to my self then there was a smash the panty dirt flung open and there stood Ryan with blood on the knife and on his hands and body,"oh my god who did you stabbed!?!?!??" I yelled and ran towards him and punched him in the nose,"haha your are pathetic little whore!" He spat at me,"TELL ME!!!" I was now furious with him but I always was," hmmmm let me think,how about I just show you then you can watch them both die!" He said I didn't want to he grabbed me by the arm and his grip was so tight I could feel the bruises already coming when he pulled me out there I saw Liam and Louis laying there helplessly and they looked dead but they weren't,"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO LIAM ,LOUIS!!!!" I screamed in terror ,"COME STAY WITH ME LIAM!!!" Niall screamed at Liam and was trying to cover up his wound that was bleeding badly,"DON'T DO THIS TO ME LOUIS!!!!" Harry and Zayn were screaming at Louis and were doing the same as Niall,"see pathetic little bastards." He said with a smirk,"now if any of you follow me I will kill her! And then you dirt bags!" He started to drag me out when Niall said something to Zayn then Zayn ran out of the room,"puss." I heard Ryan mumble under his breath,"Give Kennedy to me now!!!" Niall got and started to walk foward towards me the I felt a sharp on my leg looked down and saw that Ryan stabbed my leg then he moved the knife up to my neck,"what did you say leprechaun?" "Give her to me now!" Niall was so pissed then he started to cut my neck I winced at the pain then Niall leaped forward and Ryan stabbed him I heard a whack and everything went black

Ryan's (P.O.V)
I finally had her I was gonna leave and take her but then that I stabbed her "boyfriend" and her brother then I was about to leave after I stabbed her leg but I was having fun then started to cut heck that green leprechaun jumped forward and I stabbed him and he fell on the ground god they were so weak then I felt pain on my head and everything went black.
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