Dream come true

Kennedy is a normal 18 year old girl,as she heads to her first concert to see her favorite boy band 1D,when she gets there she doesn't expect for not one but three of the band mates to fall for her.


13. Another secret and getting Niall back


Niall's (P.O.V.)   Who were all these strange people the one pretty girl said we were best friends like brother and sister,and the four guys were saying about how I was in a band called one direction.The doctors did some tests on me and they said that I had been in a coma for a while and had lost some memory that's why I didn't know who they were.I feel bad one was like my sister and the others were all like my brothers I never had.why can't I remember. I'm hurting the ones that love me but I don't know I don't remember. I'm sorry...     Kennedy's (P.O.V.)   I can't believe he can't remember I love him so much as a brother and I don't want to lose him like I lost my friend and father that's a other part of my life that keeps me in pain but I didn't talk to anyone about it ever not even Liam the one who I love."you may see him now but try to tell him about his past so he can try to remember but don't give him to much just take it easy." The doctor came in and told us.we walked in and he looked better except the fact that he didn't remember us at all."hey Niall ." I said "hello." he said he still had that irish charm."do you remember anything yet? Louis questioned"no and I'm sorry I'm hurting the ones who love me." Niall said and started to sob,"Niall its not your fault you were in a coma and lost some of your memory." Liam said with calm words.,"you can take him home now." The nurse said, "ok let's go." Louis said and then we left off to home.     Liam's (P.O.V )    This is really hard on everyone especially kennedy.nothing is the not unless Niall gets his memory back."hey Liam. " Kennedy said as she walked in my room and sat beside me,"what is it love?" I asked curiously, "we want everyone down stairs so we can try to get Niall's memory back."she said as a tear rolled down her pale cheek."I'll be right down and don't worry we will get him back everything will be alright." I said as I brushed her tear off with my hand," that's what I've heard before." and with that she walked out and went down stairs.what did she mean she has heard that before was she doubting Niall will come back? Or did something else happen when she was younger?     Kennedy's (P.O.V )   I walked into liams room and told him that we were going to try and get Niall's memory back as I said it a tear rolled down cheek and he rubbed it off and said,"I'll be right down and don't worry we will get him back everything will be alright." he said but I had been told that before when my friend and dad died so I didn't really believe that anymore,"thats what I've heard before," and I walked out of his room and went downstairs and sat on the couch,"do you remember yet?"harry said with hope,"no I'm sorry,maybe if you play one of the songs for me ill remember.." he said we played kiss you when it came to Niall's part,'oh I just wanna show you off to all of my friends making them drool on their chinny chin chins baby be mine tonight mine tonight baby my tonight ya!' "now you remember this is your singing." Louis said ,"doesn't ring a bell." Niall said then Liam came downstairs looking pissy because of what I said, "does he remember yet?" Liam mumbled under his breath, "why are you so grouchy?" Zayn said with a bit of a laugh,"nothing everything is perfect!" Liam raised his voice and stomped up to his room and slammed the door."I'll go see what's up with him." Zayn said with a sigh and walked upstairs.     Zayn's (P.O.V )   I could tell there was something wrong with Liam he is not the one to get mad unless someone wouldn't tell him something and he knows knew it was bothering them.I think it has something to do with Kennedy cause she was also made when she came downstairs I need to know what's wrong.I went to his door and opened it he was sitting in his chair clenching a book,"hey Liam what's wrong you seem mad?"i said, "it's just that I think Kennedy has a secret like something in her life happened and she won't tell me." he said and tears started to roll down his cheeks."come on it will be ok come downstairs,she will tell you." I said wanting him till come downstairs because I was sure Niall was gonna get his memory back soon,"fine I'll be down in a few." he said brushing the tears off his eyes.I walked downstairs fast cause I wanted to talk to Kennedy before Liam got down."hey Kennedy I need to talk to you really fast." I said in a hurry,"ok." she said with a questioned look on her face.I took her to the kitchen and said,"Kennedy what's going on why are you being like this and not telling Liam about your problems what happened that was so bad you couldn't tell him please just tell me so I can help you." she looked shocked by the information that was just given to her,"Zayn I'm sorry it's just when Liam said it's gonna be okay it reminded me of my dad and friend..." she said with tears streaming down her eyes,"what happened to your dad and friend?"I said comforting her,"we were in a car my dad and friend died but I lived they were both in a coma and people said it's going to be alright but I knew it wasn't and then they both died..." she was balling her eyes out now, "Kennedy I'm sorry to her about that shhh its okay but you have to tell Liam he needs and deserves to know go tell him now." I said soothing her,"o-ok." she said crying we walked out and as soon as we did everyone saw her crying and Liam was just coming down the stairs,"WHAT HAPPENED WHY IS SHE CRYING!!!"Louis yelled, "ZAYN WHAT HAPPENED!!!" harry screamed at me now Liam saw and yelled furiously at me, "ZAYN WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER!!!" Kennedy was now sobbing in Liam's chest,"please stop yelling Zayn didn't do anything but Liam I have to talk to you in private."kennedy said and took liams hand and went to her room.Then I totally forgot about Niall, "you guys where is niall?!?!?!?!?" I yelled they looked around and harry said,"he was just here!!" "where did he go!?!"Louis exclaimed, then we heard something in the kitchen and saw Niall eating tuns of food,"oh hey guys what's up!!!!" Niall said through the food in his mouth,"Niall do you remember us?!?!" harry said with cheer, "YA I GOT MY MEMORY BACK!!!!" Niall yelled and almost choked on his food,"niall why didn't you tell us as soon as you got it back!?!?!" Louis yelled and hugged him,"well I was hungry haha but when I was walking by the kitchen I overheard you and Kennedy talking that was very sad I'm really sorry and when can I see Kennedy and Liam??"Niall said I was so happy that Niall regained his memory but Louis and Harry looked like they were gonna kill me because I didn't tell them sooner especially Louis cause she is his sister,"well Niall we are so happy that you got your memory back."I said Niall replied,"ya its so good to have you guys back and remember you!!can I see the others now?" ,"yes of coarse Niall." Louis said,"go upstairs there in Kennedy's room." Niall ran upstairs like a cheetah and he opened the door and then there was cheerful yelling,"so Zayn care to explain why Kennedy was crying!?!?"Louis yelled at me straight away,"well you guy when she was younger her friend and dad and herself were in a car accident and in the hospital her dad and friend were in a coma and people kept saying it will be alright but she knew it wasnt.Her dad and friend both died so when she had said something to Liam and he knew something was wrong and she wouldn't tell him so he was mad and when she told me the story she cried so ya." I finished the story Louis and Harry were speechless,then after some minutes Harry spoke up,"we shouldn't see how they are and we can go to Nando's for supper." we all nodded in a agreement and walked upstairs to Kennedy's room.     Kennedy's (P.O.V)    I took Liam to my room and told him the story I was still sobbing in his chest and I wrecked his white t-shirt,"shhhhhh Kennedy it WILL be ok I promise you,just please stop crying."he said then someone bolted into my room and jumped on top of Liam and I.I looked and it was NIALL?!?!?,"NIALL DID YOU GET YOUR MEMORY BACK?!?!?!" I yelled in delight,"YA I DID IM SOOOO HAPPY I MISSED YOU GUYS!!!" Niall screamed back,"NIALL BUDDY ITS GOOD TO HAVE YOU BACK!!!" Liam said, "I KNOW!!!so how are you guys!?!?!?" Niall said, "well Niall first can you first get off us hahaha??"Liam said and I nodded in a agreement he said,"yes." and got he got off then Louis,Harry and Zayn walked and said we were going to Nando's for supper and to celebrate so we all left to Nando's and we had a blast it was so good to have Niall back.I finally knew everything was okay...or was it???
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