Allae 19 loves one direction but what happens when she gets trampled on by one directioners at their consert. Will Harry Styles fall for her? Will it be love at first sight?

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HI guys it me nikki I finally get to update so here it is

im so happy I get to finally meet the boys I mean I get harry can be a little over protective but its not like im going to fall in love with one of them I love harry hes my one and only I will do anything for him... I was wearing ripped shorts and a pink tank top with white toms I put on light makeup and picked my hair up in a high ponytail I was ready to go see the boys im so excited I hope they like me....


I was kinda nervous I don't know y I think its because I just now one of the boys r guna like her n I don't want her to like them back she's my everything I don't want to loose her I would just break but she's just been bugging me saying she wants to see the boys n she's so cute when she gives me the puppy dog face I cant say no to that. we got to liams house and I told her to stay in the car real quick just n case the boys were doing something stupid but that wasn't the only reason why I wanted to go in first I wanted to talk to them and say that she is mine and that im happy the only people im worried about is zany because he just broke up with perrie and niall im worried because u know niall and that Irish accent he can get any girl he wants with that accent.

I walked into the living room seeing the boys playing wii fit and niall of course eating as always I said my hi and said that we needed to talk so they all stoped what there were doing and all eyes were on me.

H:ok boys allae is in the car

BOYS: y isn't shewith u right now

H:o wanted to talk to u

Boys: well ok talk

H: I just wanted to say that I really like this girl and I dint want anything to happen to her or anything to happen to us this is my first real relationship and I don't want anything to happen as I explained before

Boys: don't worry harry we will be good and try not to scare her off were happy for u harry

H thnx guys ur the best im going to go get her


I waited int he car for about 5min then harry came out this is the moment im going to see the boys

I walked into the house to see smiles on all boys faces they all greeted me and said hi except for one I guess he's shy so I let it alone he can say hi when hes ready

hey guys I hope its ok if I twist the story a bit if u don't like it then ill change it

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