Allae 19 loves one direction but what happens when she gets trampled on by one directioners at their consert. Will Harry Styles fall for her? Will it be love at first sight?

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10. surprise

~allae POV~


i woke up with the sound of my phone vibrating, 5 messages.

'hey its hazza'

'r u there?'

'r u free tonight?'

'let me know asap'


omg harry must really like me. i texted back:

'thanks for waking me up'

hazza: sorry babe

me: whats up?

hazza: r u free tonight?

me: yeh, what do you have in mind?

hazza: i will pick you up at 7pm, dont have dinner and wear something casual but nice.

me: ok where r u taking me?

hazza: u will see

me: i hate surprises

hazza: bye luv see u tonight <3

me: bye xxoo

i cant believe what harry was doing to me i hate surprises. i went to my wardrobe to pick out something to wear tonight. i got out my nude coloured dress tight with sparkles at the top and loose and plain towards the bottom which and at my knees. i took out my nude coloured flats and decided i would leave my hair out.

i got into the shower and then got dressed in skinny jeans and my favourite blue t-shirt slipped on some toms and went to my favourite cafe for some brunch.

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