Allae 19 loves one direction but what happens when she gets trampled on by one directioners at their consert. Will Harry Styles fall for her? Will it be love at first sight?

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3. consert

~allae POV~

OMG i was so excited i just checked into my hotel room with emili and we had a massive catch up chat. emili and her boyfriend kevin broke up and her parents started dating again. it was amazing what you miss in a 2 weeks but i cant believe her parents are back together last time i saw them they hated eachother.

we talked for hours untill we got dressed for the consert. emili was wearing a stunning black silk glittery dress with purple pumps and purse while i was wearing a one direction custom made white strapless dress tight up on my chest and lose from my hips down with the one driection faces around the bottom, i have glittery silver pumps on and a matching purse. we both put makeup on as a natural look and emili wore her hair down curled while i wore mine i a loose bun curled. i actually looked pretty good. my blonde hair suited the dress and emilies red hair looked lovley with hers.

~louis POV~

harry looked nurvous for some reason i didnt know why.

"haz are you alright?"

"ah, yeh i am fine just a little nurves."

"why?", "i promise we wont do anything to you on your solo."

"you cant keep that promise" harry smirked back giving me a shuve

"your right."

"your on in 20" a lady yelled from the stage entrance, girls were already coming into the stadium. i hope harry was alright.

~emili POV~

we queued for about and hour and finally got to the floor i couldnt believe how close we were to the stage. girls were screaming their heads off it was an amazing atmosphere. at the corner of my eye i saw 3 girls in koala suits they must of been boiling.

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