Allae 19 loves one direction but what happens when she gets trampled on by one directioners at their consert. Will Harry Styles fall for her? Will it be love at first sight?

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16. A day with harry

 hi my name is nikki but my real name is ciara  im the new co-author for this book this is my first time writing a chapter so if u dont like this chapter then just comment so thnx

allae p.o.v

after me i finished eating the pain started to go away so i went up to our room

"so what do u want to do today harry"

"um idk its up to u"

"ummm... how about we go SHOPPPING"

"fine i thought u wanted to do something more interesting then that" he winked

"what shoppingis interesting babe"


*skipping car ride*

we went to forever 21,hot topic, and last the store that we went to was victoria secret while i was there i kinda lost harry soi decided to txt harry

me: her hazza  were r u

hazza: someome were

me: oh come on harry im ready to go

right when i was going to send the txt i felt two warm arms wrap around me

''hey babe"

"omg harry u scared me and what is in ur hands" i saw a bunch of bras and other stuff

"ummm idk i thought this will look good on u thts all "

"harry put that back i got what i needed"

"fine" he pouted omg i just love when he makes those baby faces and puppy dog eyes

after he put everything back we went home to watch some movies but fell asleep watching insideous

when i woke up i was in harry arms as he put me on the bed n then fell back to sleep

in the morning iwoke up to see hary still sleeping wow was he hansome in the morning i kissed him on the cheek and just as i did tht he woke up.

"hello luv"

"hey babe what u wanna do today"

"well i have to go to a photo shoot today so u wanna come it gives u a chance to see the boys"

"omg r u serious"

"yup" popping the p

"kool ill go get ready"

hey guys its nikki plz tell me how i did on the chapter thnx and plz no hate if u have any ideas for the chapter kik me or jess my kik is ciara_love10


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