Allae 19 loves one direction but what happens when she gets trampled on by one directioners at their consert. Will Harry Styles fall for her? Will it be love at first sight?

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4. 1D

~allae POV~

the lights when down and one direction ran onto stage first singing Up All Night girls screamed and i nearly lost my voice box it was so amazing being this close to one direction. i got to touch louis hand it was so soft i wanted to hug him so badly.

~harry styles POV~

it was so loud running onto stage girls everywhere it was extrodanHARRY. we sang my favourite song heart attack after up all night and it was so cool how there were 3 girls wearing koala suits dancing louis dance. the atmosphere was great.

~louise POV~

once harry got on stage he looked alot better but was still a little shaky i didnt know what had gotten into him.

~emili POV~

the concert was going great, i didnt want it to ever end, zayn was so beautiful. when they started answering tweets harry read out my tweet it said :whats the one thing you hate the most: when they pointed at me for my tweet i sware i saw zayn wink at me i was so sad that him and perri were going out but i still love them as a couple and i never want them to brake up. ever.

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