1SHOT41D contest

1SHOT41D contest
Niall and Harry with me and my bestie love story hope you like it!!!!!!!!!


1. chapter 1

“Leah wait for me!” laughed Jean running after me

“But, I’m hungry!” I screamed still running to the restaurant


“Niall wait!” shouted Harry

“Food!” yelled Niall

I rounded the corner and ran to the restaurant only to crash into a boy who was running to. We both hit the ground with a thud and a groan.

“Leah!” yelled Jean who was out of breath and standing over me

“Niall!” said Harry who was standing over him

I broke out in laughter when the other boy did to. I sat up still laughing only to be met with wonderful big blue eyes which made me stop laughing.

“Hi.” I said

“Ello.” Said the boy who had a thick Irish accent just looking at me with a smile

“I’m Leah.”

“I’m Niall.”

“You’re from one direction.”

“You’re not gonna fan girl are ye?”

“Nope.” I said popping the p then, I giggled which made Niall smile

“Hey Nialler? Food remember?” said Harry

“Oh yeah food.”

“Food!” I shouted which made Jean groan

“You said the magic word.”

I made a funny face at her she made one back at me.

“You girls wanna join us?” asked Harry


We walked into the restaurant and were lead to a table we went to pull out our chairs only to have the boys do it for us and push them in to.

“Awe thanks.” Said Jean

“No problem beautiful.” Said Harry with a wink and a sly smirk which made Jean blush

The waitress came over with a smile which faded when she saw me and Jean.

“May I take your order?” said the waitress with a smile at Harry and Niall.

“Yes can I have tacos with a coke.”

“Can I have 2 hamburgers and fries with water?”

“Sure thing coming right up.” The waitress walked away giving Jean and me a glare

“Excuse me ms?”

“Yes dear?”

“Can you take our dates orders?”

“Yes sir.” Growled the waitress

“Can I have 2 hamburgers, with season fries and a coke?” I asked with a smile making Harry and Niall look at me funny

“Can I a chicken and bacon salad with ranch dressing on the side with a glass of water?”

“Yes you may.” Said the waitress with a nasty smile

“You going to be able to eat all that?” asked Niall

“If you’re implying that you want to eat my food don’t even think about.” I said glaring at him

“I highly suggest you don’t even try I known Leah sense toddler years and she never shared her food with me.”

“Still what is she going to do with two hamburgers?”

“Eat them what else?”

“She would have ordered more but, I told her she has to start eating healthy before it catches up with her.”

“Jean I’ve ate this way sense you know me I highly doubt it would change now.”

“Good point but, it won’t hurt.”

“If you say so.” I said rolling my eyes

“So you two have been friends sense toddler years?”

“Yup.” I said popping the p with a smile

“So tell us about your selves sense you girls know about us I’m guessing.” Said Harry

“Yeah were directioner’s but, were not going to fan girl don’t worry.” Said Jean with a smile

“How old are you girls?”

“I’m 15 years old.”

“I’m turning 16 next month.”

“Wait when?”

“The 20th.” I smiled

“Awe I thought we could have the same birthday.”

“Sorry.” I said with a laugh

“You girls don’t have an accent.” Said Niall in his thick Irish accent again

“You girls don’t have an accent.” I said trying to do an Irish accent

“You can do accents?” asked Harry

“You can do accents.” Mocked me and Jean in a English voice with a laugh

“Nice can you girls speak a different language?”

“Sí, un poco de español.”  I said adding a spanish accent to it


“What about you Jeanie?”


“Sorry is that ok for me to call you that?” asked Harry biting his lip

“Yeah no probelm Leah does it all the time.”

“Un peu de francais.”

“Cool you can speak French.”

“Yes I can.” Said Jean with a smile

“Food!” yelled Niall and I when we saw the food coming over

“It’s like they are in love with it.” Laughed Harry and Jean

“I am.” Said Niall and I

Niall and I dug into the food like we haven’t seen food for years.

“You think neither of them eat.” Said Jean takening a bite of her salad

“Jean can I-“

“No I plan on eating all of my salad.”

“Dang it.” I said

“Harry can I-“

“No Niall it’s mine.”

“Fine.” Said Niall glaring at Harry

Once Niall and I finished eating our lunch we ordered pie to eat for dessert when Harry and Jean finished their lunch.

“Never met a girl that can keep up with Niall when it comes to eating.”

“Never met a guy that never ran away from Leah when they saw how much she can eat.” Said Jean

The waitress brought the pie to Niall and I.

“Race you.” Said Niall

“You’re on.”

Niall grabbed a fork and started to eat the pie quickly. I picked it up and put it all in my mouth chewed it a bit then, swallowed. Harry and Jean looked grossed out when Niall was looking at me with his mouth open which was full of pie.

“That was awesome.” Said Niall who still had a mouthful of food

“Thank you.”

“Here’s the check.” Said the waitress then, handed Harry a piece of paper

“What’s that?” asked Niall still chewing a mouth full of food

“Her number.” Said Harry slipping it into his pocket with a smile

Jean and I looked at the check and took out the money for us.

“Hold it.” Said Niall and Harry


“We’re paying for you girls.”

“No you boys don’t need to do that.”

“We want to.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes we invited you girls to join us as our dates so, well pay.”

“Thanks.” Said Jean and I

Once we left the restaurant we were met with paparazzi flashing cameras.

“Niall! Harry! Who are those girls?” yelled one of the paparazzi flashing their camera

“Are you boys finally taken!” yelled another

“I can’t see.” I said only to have my hand held and led me through the paparazzo’s

Soon we were in a car I was sitting next to Jean in the back. Harry and Niall were in the front of the car.

“Hey were gonna drive you girls home alright?” asked Harry

“Yeah it’s alright.” Said Jean

“Harry we live 2 blocks away from here we could of walked.” I said

“With the paparazzi I highly doubt that.” Said Niall with a smile

When the boys pulled up to the street the paparazzi were still following us.

“Dang it.” I said biting my lip

“We’ll walk you girls into your house just to be on the safe side.” Said Niall

“Alright thanks.” Said Jean and I

The boys got out and opened the door on either side. Harry took Jean by the hand when Niall took mine then, led us to the front door. I opened the door and walked inside with the boys and Jean. The paparazzi got out of their cars and started to run to the front door. I slammed the door and locked it as well as put the chain on the back and front doors when Jean locked the windows and shut the curtains.

“Wow these paparazzi are crazy.” Said Jean falling onto the couch.

“You can say that again.” Said Harry with a laugh

Just then, Allie walked out of the kitchen. Allie is Jean’s 10 year or 11 year old black lab. Allie saw the boys and walked over to them.

“Awe whose puppy.” Said Niall patting Allie’s head

“Oh that’s Jean’s dog Allie.”

“I’ve had her sense I was 5.”

“She’s old.”

“Yup but, still awesome.” Said Jean patting her head

“Any other pets?”

“Nope.” I said patting the couch

Allie jumped up on it Jean and I petted her.

“Niall peek outside.” Said Harry

Niall peeked out the curtain only to shut it and rub his eyes.

“So bright.” He said

“Ummm you boys can spend the night here we’ve got two extra rooms.”

“Thanks but, Paul can come get us.” Said Harry

“No he can’t the street is full of fans and paparazzi.” Said Niall looking out the window

“You girls sure it won’t be trouble?”

“No.” I said with a smile

“Alright thanks.”

“No problem if you boys need anything Jean and I are in those two rooms right there.”

“Alright night girls.”

“Night night!” I said skipping down the hall to my room

“She had Pepsi.” Said Jean with a nod and went to her room

“Night Ni.”

“Night Hazza.”

In the middle of the night Niall woke up and walked down the hall way to Leah’s room. He knocked and I opened the door.

“Oh hi Niall what do you need?”


My eyes opened widened and I tiptoed down the stairs with Niall to the kitchen.

“Ice cream?” I said takening it out of the freezer then, grabbed two spoons.

“Taken is on right now.” Said Niall watching the television which was in our kitchen

“I like that movie.”

“I like it to just not as much as I like you.”


“Nothing.” Said Niall whose face was all red

“Oh I thought you said you liked me….cuz I like you too.” I whispered

“You do?” asked Niall

“Yes I like you.”

“I like you to Leah.”

Niall and I got closer and closer

“Ice cream?”

“Ice cream.” Agreed Niall

Niall and I went back to eating and watching taken

Jean and harry walked down the stairs in the morning to find Niall and me passed out on the table with the television on with ice cream on their faces.

“There so cute.” Said Jean

“Not as cute as you.” Said Harry

“Harry is you really like me please tell me don’t flirt.”

“Fine Jean I really like you.”

“I really like you to Harry.”

“Umm you wanna go out again?”

“Sure and let’s make it a double date with Leah and Niall.”

“Sure thing.”

“Should we wake them?”

“No wanna go get breakfast?”


“Breakfast!” yelled Niall and I

“Let’s go!” said Jean

“To breakfast!” yelled Niall which made me laugh

Thee end :)

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