One Last Day with You

Mary Anderson life's was not easy. She is Niall Horan's girlfriend and Niall is very busy with his career. Since Niall is getting ready for One Direction's World Tour, he has to leave Mary. But a chance can change it all. How will Niall spent his day with her? Read to find out... 1SHOT4D


1. One Last Day

Happy Birthday to me! Today is my birthday. My parents just gave me the best breakfast-in-bed treatment. Now, my sisters are preparing for another surprise. They told me that I should go shopping for clothes. But I think it is a distraction for the party. But I have to agree because they just gave me a credit card.

Then my phone rings.

"Hello?" I answered while I changed.

"Mary happy birthday!" The caller shrieked and I almost dropped the phone and I caught it quickly.

“Who is this? You’re giving me a heart attack! And if you don’t know today is my birthday!” I yelled at the caller.

“Sorry love, it’s me Niall.” He answered. Wow I am such a loser.

“Niall, what’s the big deal? Why are you giving me a heart attack?
Why aren’t you here? I asked him so many questions.

“Sorry Love, but I have something to say and please don’t be mad.” He said softly. Those words just make me calm. That’s why I liked him in the first place because he is such a good speaker.

“Okay go on.” I said.

“We have a world tour next month and we are leaving tonight for the tour.” He said calmly.

I can’t believe it he is going in a world tour. I am so proud of him. But he can’t be here for my birthday. But today is my special day and he isn’t going to be here.

“Love???? Are you there?” he asked.

‘Yeah I am here.” I said and trying not to cry.

“Are you okay about this? I am sorry I can’t be there. I really tried. I am sorry.” He apologized.

“It’s okay Niall. You should go. Bye.” I quickly hanged up.

I cried in my bed and brush my face to the pillows. Niall is leaving and we are going to be separated. What if there are girls who can steal his heart from me? What if he will fall in love with someone else? I can’t believe that he is leaving me. I am so overreacting right now.

I decided that I should celebrate my birthday instead of crying all day. I went outside to shopping. Since my sister’s suggest that I should be in the mall to shop.

I arrived at the mall and suddenly I saw a group of people gathering in the park. I think there is a concert maybe a free concert.

I just avoid the crowd and the concert so that there won’t be any problems. I went to the first boutique shop and saw a light pink cocktail dress. Perfect. I love cocktail dress. This will be perfect for the party. I paid the dress and decided to go to the nearest bookstore to read some books. I am a bookworm so no offence.

But then the mall announcer announces that they will have a special guest to sing for a special someone. I can see all of the girls lending their ears at the speaker. I had to admit that I am lending my ears too. Then the guest spoke.

“Hello everyone! I am here to sing to a special someone who is here in the mall. This special someone is actually my girlfriend, so she knows the song.” The speaker said. He sang the song entitled “I wish”

This song is from One Direction and it is my one of my favorites. Wait…. Niall! He is the one who is singing. That explains his angelic voice. What is he doing here? I thought that he is getting ready for his flight for their tour.

Then all of the lights went off. I was shocked. Then I noticed a light forming a heart. It was beautiful. Then another one appears and this time it forms “I love you Mary Anderson” and “Happy Birthday”

I saw Niall approaching, he holds a lantern and it says "I love you". He smiled at me and I smiled him back.

“Niall? Did you do this?”

“Yeah, pretty bad huh?” He said as he rubs his neck.

“No. This is perfect. Thank you.”

“No problem love. It is your birthday anyway.” He said and I gave him a passionate kiss as a reward.

“You just make the people gather outside earlier so that you can get inside huh?”

“Yeah, did it catch your attention?”

“No just asking.”

“I have you a present. It’s a necklace. And I know that it is not much.”

“This is perfect Niall. I thought that you were not gonna make it.”

“I did. The lads just gave me one last day with you. I have to go home after this.”

“Niall for the record, you are the best boyfriend I’ve ever had.”

He smiled and then pulled me into a hug and he kisses me. While we kiss the alarm went off and there were water everywhere. We just laughed and then played in the water. Great time to spend your birthday with your boyfriend.
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