1D Prank Wars

Ok guys this is going to only be a short type of story, but it still ought to be funny ok! I really enjoy reading all the romance and drama fanfiction out there, but I don’t think there are enough playful and funny stories about the boys either. Let’s be honest here, that is why we fell in love with them in the first place! (Other than the fact that they are GORGEOUS!) Anyway, I hope at least one of you all likes it!!! (Some language…mostly Niall and Louis=D)


9. Chapter 9 (Liam)




My best mate was depending on me to help him and I was not going to disappoint! Danielle and I took to the back of Lou’s Flat in one of his spare bedrooms to look for our duck, truth be told I was a bit excited!

“Babe, be for-warned these ducks are a right foul piece of work…” Dani said to me whilst holding the camera to her face, making sure she caught everything.

“Oh come off it love! I think I’d be just fine against that duck! You shouldn’t be so worried.” As soon as the words left my mouth I heard a loud quack coming from the room Dani and I were headed to, and I turned to the camera with a large smile on my face.

“Here we go!”

We walked quietly into the room and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I heard the quack coming from the room, but I couldn’t pin-point the exact location of it. The room wasn’t fairly large, so it wasn’t much of a challenge to look around the room. I looked in the closet, all over the floor, and he obviously wasn’t on the bed…so the only place left to look was underneath the bed.

I lifted up the bed skirt and there he was staring curiously at me…

“Well hello there! I’m Liam and who might you be?”

“QUACK!” he snapped his bill dangerously close to my finger. I could hear Dani laughing at the situation playing out in front of her.

“Oh God I’m sorry so sorry!” Then I thought about it for a second… “No! No… I will not apologize for your rudeness!” He then came barreling from out underneath the bed then started flapping all over the place and landed on top of the bed…

“Now look… I’m really trying to be nice to you and you are making this harder than it should be… you don’t belong in Lou’s flat, so you need to come with me ok.” I tried to reason with him the best I could. I reached out to him cautiously and he just cocked his head to the side before flapping around menacingly.

“Oh poo on this! LOU, I TRIED AND THIS DUCK IS VERY RUDE!” I yelled out into the corridor truly fed up with this nonsense.


Now I could see Dani full on laughing and trying her best to steady the camera…

“Dani this isn’t very funny love…” I pouted

“Oh but it is Liam! What is the first thing I told you about these ducks?”

“That they are mean…” I mumbled avoiding her gaze as she chastised me for not listening to her warning…

“Exactly what I thought…Will it make you feel better if I told you how to lead him out?”

“Little bit…and a kiss will help too.” I told her with my best puppy dog face.

“Cheeky…” She smiled at my flirting. “Go get a few pieces of bread and lead him to his cage.”

“That is brilliant why hadn’t I thought of that in the first place!” It really was the better plan. I went and retrieved a few slices of the bread and came back to find Danielle petting the duck lightly on its head.

“What’s this? That is so not fair!”

“Well I guess if you give him the bread first he will warm up to you…go on and give it a try?”

I inched forward with the bread and cautiously laid it in front him…he nudged forward and took the bread which caused me to smile largely…we were making progress; so I moved to pet him and the unexpected, yet completely expected happened…he snapped at my fingers again this time almost biting me

“Oh this is rubbish…Dani put him in his cage because he obviously like you more…I going to see what the rest are doing…”

I left the room to the sound of the duck quacking and Danielle laughing right along with it…




My poor Liam! I felt kinda bad giving him a hard time, but it was pretty funny to write nonetheless! I always wonder if the boys still read fanfiction… I know there is A LOT of smut out there; it’s also some genuine ones too! I always dream that they will read mine and talk about it in an interview as one of their favorite Fanfics… then I’ll be all like “ER-MA-GERD! (<--Omg) they are talking about me!!!” Long shot I know, but a girl can dream can’t she! Anyway I’ll update soon my lovelies! 

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