1D Prank Wars

Ok guys this is going to only be a short type of story, but it still ought to be funny ok! I really enjoy reading all the romance and drama fanfiction out there, but I don’t think there are enough playful and funny stories about the boys either. Let’s be honest here, that is why we fell in love with them in the first place! (Other than the fact that they are GORGEOUS!) Anyway, I hope at least one of you all likes it!!! (Some language…mostly Niall and Louis=D)


7. Chapter 7 (Ole McDonald had a Farm)




I felt in control…I felt power surging through me, and it felt good. Granted, I knew that this was some stupid prank war between me and the boys, but when I play…mama plays to win.

“Are we there yet?!” El whined yet again… “We’ve been driving for ages!”

“No Eleanor we only been on the road for twenty minutes, and yes…we are finally here.” I replied pulling onto a dirt road.

“About bloody damn time…” she mumbled mostly to herself…impatient as ever.

“Ok we’re here, what’s next?” Dani asked

“I guess we find the farmer then…” and as soon as I said that an older man in about his seventies miraculously appeared.

“Hello there loves, are you the ones who called about the ducks?”

“Yes sir! Hi my name is Mia and these are my friends Danielle, Eleanor, Perrie, and Lisa…”

“Pleasures all mine…right then let’s go pick them out then!”

“ Ok here they are…be for-warned they are a mean old bunch…you did say on the phone that you were just using them for the day and bringing them back…I don’t know exactly what your plans are…but I hope that you are humane to them and treat them with respect…” he told me eyeing me speculatively.

“Of course sir…I would never harm any of them…honest.” I told earnestly, truly meaning every word.

He noticed my honesty, smiled and nodded and walked away…

“Ok girls pick out the meanest one’s you can find… Oh my gosh this is going to be so mu-”

“OWWWW HE BIT ME!” Perrie screamed.

“Perfect! We will take that one, now find three more!”

Finding the ducks was a lot easier than I thought it would be… So we were done in no time and ready to leave…

“ Well sir thank you so much for your help, and we will take great care of your ducks I promise to take real good care of them…I didn’t catch your by the way..”


“OH MY GOSH HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!” I couldn’t help myself…it was a life mission of mine when I was younger to find this man and his farm…I felt somewhat whole now…

“I’m so sorry... I’m being silly I know…”

“Oh hush that joke never gets old…the primary school up the road always take younger kids on a field trip here for that very reason…it is quite alright.”

“Well thanks again and we will see you again soon ok?” and with that we left headed to Louis apartment. If meeting and getting these ducks from Ole McDonald himself wasn’t a sign that this is the greatest prank ever, then I don’t know what is…




Hey guys I know I’ve been absent for two weeks but its because of my DEMANDING class and work schedule…but yeah I’m on holiday here (Its Mardi Gras for those of you who know what that is J) but yeah this is just filler and im writing the last parts now…

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