1D Prank Wars

Ok guys this is going to only be a short type of story, but it still ought to be funny ok! I really enjoy reading all the romance and drama fanfiction out there, but I don’t think there are enough playful and funny stories about the boys either. Let’s be honest here, that is why we fell in love with them in the first place! (Other than the fact that they are GORGEOUS!) Anyway, I hope at least one of you all likes it!!! (Some language…mostly Niall and Louis=D)


3. Chapter 3 (Just re-LAX)


Chapter 3 (Just re-LAX)

            We were a day into to the war and neither side had made a move yet. They were waiting on me to make my blow and I was waiting for the perfect timing…ok…I’m lying, I couldn’t think of a good prank for anything and it was bugging me to see Louis with that smug smile on his face. I wanted nothing more than to knock it right off. By this time the boys had our war trending on twitter with multiple topics. One stuck out the most to me…#AmericaBelivesInMia. It was nice to know I had the home team rooting for me.

            It was another typical hangout day at my apartment with just me, Lisa, and the boys. Of course they wanted me to cook, but I had no food so Lisa and I went down to the market to make groceries. We made our way down the medicine isle because I was out of Advil…and that is when I saw it.

The salvation to my pranker’s block…

“Extra-Strength Chocolate Laxatives!”  I cried out holding up the box like it was baby Simba in the Lion King. I laughed as I heard Lisa singing the theme song.

My eyes darted between the box of brownie mix I had picked up on the previous isle and the laxatives. The evil grin that broke onto my face would make the Grinch himself jealous.

I quickly paid for everything and almost ran home. I was beyond excited to bake these brownies.

I had put all the groceries up and had the laxatives safely tucked away in my purse. No one, and I mean no one, is going to ruin this prank for me.   

I told the boys to order something and I was going to make brownies. I didn’t want them to trace their inevitable stomach aches back to me until I revealed it on twitter…

            I poured the brownie batter in little muffin tins, and I stuck a few pieces of the laxative in the center of it so when it baked off it would be all gooey and chocolaty…I knew how to bake real well. While the brownies were cooking the boys had gotten their take out and I had pulled Lisa aside to explain the rest of the plan.

“Ok, so the box said that the laxatives should start working in about 20-30 minutes. The first time you see them grab their stomachs in pain you will go excuse yourself to use your bathroom and I will go to mine, and when we get to our bedrooms lock the door… understand?”


“Good, the brownies should be done now.”

I gave each boy a brownie with a grin plastered to my face…they were so clueless to what was happening to them.

Louis still had that smug look on his face after demolishing his brownie. He told me that I was bad at prank wars and that I should’ve made a move long by now.

“I’m just strategizing Lou.”

“Well you suck at it”

“Sure whatever you say.”

After a good twenty minutes of watching TV I could see all the boys in a very visual discomfort…and it was hilarious!!!

Too bad I had to keep my laughter in...

Lisa and I excused ourselves to the bathroom and the boys screamed ‘hurry the hell up’ as we walked away. Now it was time to let them, and the rest of the world, know who was top dog.

@miaB_2323: @onedirection revenge is sweet boys and it’s called choco-lax brownies! #haha #winning #1DvsMBprankwar http://t.co/lB499sbD73s” (FAKE LINK)

I sent out the tweet with the picture of the laxatives and braced myself for the retaliation…

In less than a few minutes all you could hear were the words ‘sneaky bitch’ and ‘laxative’ and a bunch of other swear words…

I was sitting by my door trying to laugh quietly, but once I heard Louis beat on the door I couldn’t hold it in any longer.



I laughed even harder. “OPEN IT OR I’LL GO IN YOUR SINK”

My laughter suddenly died down…he wouldn’t dare!

“BULLSHIT!” I yelled back.


I suddenly felt Louis ram against the door. I think he had enough of it being locked…either that or he was about to shit himself…




I waited at least ten minutes before opening the door and sure enough they were gone…

            I told Lisa the coast was clear and we started watching TV…About an hour later I was sound asleep until I heard my door swing open and slam against the wall. I saw five vengeance driven boys in my doorway...

Lisa looked at me with shock and disbelief clear on her face. “How in the hell did you forget to lock the damn door?!”

I immediately made a dash for my room, but Liam had me pinned on the floor in seconds. Harry, Niall, and Zayn helped Liam; each one of them grabbed either my arm or leg.

 Louis stood over me with that smile back on his face… I knew what was next.

They were going to take turns tickling me relentlessly.

“We told you that if you weren’t going to play fair then we weren’t going to either. Oh, and this isn’t our prank…that comes later” Louis said right before unleashing his ruthless attack on my overly sensitive ribcage.



Who here has ever thought it would fun for one of the boys to tickle them? I KNOW I’m not alone here… Anyway the boys’ prank is coming up soon! Should be pretty funny!

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