1D Prank Wars

Ok guys this is going to only be a short type of story, but it still ought to be funny ok! I really enjoy reading all the romance and drama fanfiction out there, but I don’t think there are enough playful and funny stories about the boys either. Let’s be honest here, that is why we fell in love with them in the first place! (Other than the fact that they are GORGEOUS!) Anyway, I hope at least one of you all likes it!!! (Some language…mostly Niall and Louis=D)


2. Chapter 2 (May the odds be ever in MY favor)



            Ok guys I forgot to post this at the end of Chapter one but the title was pretty self-explanatory. I just couldn’t jump into the story and be like “Once upon a time I was best friends with One Direction…”I thought that you all needed to know how it all started…believe me some of these little things (ß see what I did there…I know I’m lame) will come into play later ok just bear with me!


Chapter 2 (May the odds be ever in MY favor)

            I woke up way to early the next day with a major headache. I heard someone snoring quite loudly next to me; I turned over to find Niall sprawled out in my bed. I vaguely remember everyone doing shots last night, and Niall doing an Irish jig in Shamrock patterned boxers. I honestly believe that if a person were to say that they hated Ireland in front of him he would slap them, call them a cunt, and walk away.

            I noticed that all of my clothing was still intact so nothing happened. This was not the first time everyone got drunk at my place and stayed the night and it certainly wasn’t the last. I turned back over and soon Niall draped his arm over my waist and pulled me close. It wasn’t sexual. I knew that because he cuddled with pretty much anything he slept with, he doesn’t discriminate; but hey, who was I to turn down cuddling with him…I took what I could get. I could hear him mumble softly next to my ear signaling that he was dreaming of something.

“I’m Irish……..not a….damn…Leprechaun.”

I was to hung-over to laugh like I would have when I was sober, so I just drifted back to sleep.

            The next time I woke up I had definitely felt much better; my good mood suddenly faded when I heard snickering and shushing going on outside my bedroom door. I knew it couldn’t have been anybody but the boys. I turned over and noticed Niall was missing and I was sure some stupid prank was about to happen.

            I ended up walking to the door and then I opened it only to be shot at five different ways with silly string. They continued to shoot at me while laughing hysterically at my fake-shocked expression. When they ran out I looked at them with as much boredom as I could muster, and I even added a yawn. I was still tired truth be told.

“Really…silly string?”

All the boys started to frown slightly (they thought their silly string prank was golden), all except for Louis.

“Sometimes I forget that you are an American…they are to dim-witted to understand a brilliant prank when they see one.” He scoffed jokingly.

I had to admit, Louis was my soul mate…not romantically, he had Eleanor for that, but comically… we were a match-made in sarcastic heaven.

With that being said, I had a quick comeback.

“Puh-lease! A two-year old could be more original that!” Not my best comeback, but it would have to do.

“Why don’t you put your pranks where your mouth is.” He said inching closer to me.

“Are you challenging me to a prank war?” I asked intrigued, coming closer to his face as well. I was an inch or two taller than Louis so I looked down at him just to piss him off. I knew he hated it, but he was not planning on showing it either.

“Exactly.” He said simply.

“I must warn you guys I don’t play fair…I play to win. Shit WILL get real.” I said not once taking my eyes off Louis.

“You should know by now that we don’t play fair either…and Mia, shit has BEEN real for 21 years now.” Louis replied not even blinking.

Suddenly he bucked his face towards mine causing me to flinch and ultimately losing our staring contest…me and my damn reflexes.

All the boys laughed and smirked at me as I quickly regained my composure.

“I don’t think you boys realize just how big the can of worms that you all just opened is, prepare yourselves for war.”

Then Niall piped up, “Unless it’s a huge can of gummy worms, we don’t give a fuck.”

I tried really hard to suppress my laughter, wasn’t easy.

“May the best WOMAN win.” I say trying to sound intimidating.

With that Louis flipped his quiff and walked away with the other boys doing the same…except for Zayn he snapped his fingers not wanting to mess with his hair. 

So it was war they wanted, then it was war they were going to get.

I had to admit it though, they got me good with that stupid silly string… it was a pain in the ass to get out of my hair, so of course they sprayed it all in my hair.

It may not be today; it may not be tomorrow… oooh but believe me I was going to get them.

 Let the games begin.



It’s getting real now… I am going to start switching up POVs soon. Right now it’s all Mia’s POV

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